Azerbaijan finds mass burial in Asgaran settlement-PHOTO-VIDEO-UPDATED

Azerbaijan finds mass burial in Asgaran settlement-PHOTO -VIDEO -UPDATED
# 08 February 2024 15:32 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan found mass burial in Asgaran settlement, APA's Garabagh bureau reports.

The mass burial discovered near the Asgaran fortress allegedly contains the remains of at least eight people.

Today, representatives of relevant bodies inspected this territory.

Beglaryan Rashid Aramaisi, a member of illegal Armenian armed groups operating in the Garabagh region in the early 1990s, captured during local anti-terrorist measures carried out by Azerbaijan last year in Garabagh, admitted during interrogation that he participated in the murder of civilians of Khojaly in February 1992 and at that time 8 Azerbaijanis were killed, and he also participated in their murder.

As part of the criminal case under investigation, Rashid Beglaryan admitted that the bodies of killed civilians were buried in the village of Asgaran, on the left bank of the Gargar River, in the vicinity of the Asgaran fortress.

Today a media tour was organized to the discovered mass grave. In addition to representatives of local media, 35 representatives of foreign media from Serbia, Türkiye, Morocco, Peru, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Bosnia, and Russia took part in the media tour.

It is reported that as a result of ongoing search efforts in this area, more human remains are expected to be discovered. At the next stage, samples will be taken from the bodies and sent to the appropriate laboratory for identification of the remains.

Notable earlier, during the on-site verification of the testimony of Rashid Beglaryan, accused in a criminal case being investigated by the State Security Service, during investigative actions he pointed to the same place in the vicinity of the Asgaran fortress, where Azerbaijanis killed en masse during the Khojaly genocide were buried.


A mass burial was discovered in Azerbaijan's Khojaly district, APA's Garabagh bureau reports.

The mass burial was discovered in the Asgaran settlement of Khojaly.

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