How to serve 315 years in jail

How to serve 315 years in jail
# 26 January 2008 12:20 (UTC +04:00)
Judge Thomas A. Brown Jr. said Llewelyn James, now 22, deserved to have 50-year sentences for each murder to run one after the other because "there can be no free crimes in a system where the punishments should fit the crime."
Brown also sentenced James to 15 years for an attempted murder charge.
Other than answering a few yes-or-no questions, James did not address the judge. His lawyer, Jaime Kaigh, said James is sorry for the victims’ families, but maintains his innocence and planned to appeal his conviction.
Kaigh argued James should receive concurrent rather than consecutive sentences because the crimes constituted one act. Under Brown’s sentence, James will not be eligible for parole for about 261 years.
A jury found James guilty in November of six murders, attempted murder and some weapons offenses.
Authorities said James shot and killed his aunt, her boyfriend and two others in February 2002 in a rural home near his about 20 miles southeast of Philadelphia. Authorities said he intended to rob them, but he kept killing so he would leave no witnesses.
The next day, they said, he killed two more people and wounded a man during a shooting that prosecutors said resulted from a drug deal gone wrong.
Relatives of the victims spoke at the sentencing hearing.
"What was his last words? Did he call my name?" said Eliza Ann Mays, the mother of victim Donald Mays Jr. "Did he say, ‘God have mercy?’ What did he say?" / APA/

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