Persons accused of having links with international terrorist network give testimony

Persons accused of having links with international terrorist network give testimony
# 13 January 2010 12:30 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Ramil Mammadli – APA. The Court of Grave Crimes held hearing on the case of 31 Azerbaijanis, who are accused of setting up a radical religious group, having links with the international terrorist network and committing a number of grave crimes, APA reports. The trial was presided over by Judge Azer Orujov. Defendant Mahir Allahverdiyev said Asif Amikishili offered him to join the group. “I participated in some events and met with Asif Amikishili, Azer Misirkhanov and Firdousi Guliyev).
Allahverdiyev acknowledged that he participated in operations against the Russian forces in Chechnya. Defendant Firdousi Guliyev said he knew some members of the group. He denied his participation in assaulting the currency exchange point in Sumgayit in March, 2007. Defendant Vusal Isayev partly admitted guilt. He said he met Azer Misirkhanov during Karabakh war. Vasif Omarov said he didn’t remember his testimony during preliminary investigation. He said he was in a group of “Karabakh partisans” led by Rovshan Badalov in 2000-2001. “Azer Misirkhanov introduced me to Rovshan. I don’t admit guilt in this case”.

Defendant Elmaddin Farajov confirmed that he gave two automatic guns he saved in a summer cottage to the people close to Ilgar Mollaciyev, who was a member of the international terrorist network and was killed in anti-terror operations in Dagestan conducted by the Russian security forces. Farajov denied drug charges against him. Defendant Alkarim Mammadov said he stored the group’s guns in his house. “Azer Misirkhanov gave me a bag in Chechnya in 2007. Then I discovered that there were guns in the bag. I brought it to Azerbaijan and stored”. Defendant Rashad Nabiyev denied accusations for arms storage and admitted partly guilt.

The process will be continued on January 19.

According to the indictment, the group having links with the international terrorist network set up an illegal unit and planned actions against the state. The head of the group Azer Misirkhanov, aka Abdulla, once participated in special exercises and battles with illegal armed groups in various conflict zones. He was detained while illegally crossing Azerbaijan’s state border in 2001 and sentenced. After the term of his sentence expired, and sentenced. After the term of his sentence expired, Azer Misirkhanov left to participate in the terrorist actions against anti-terror coalition forces. The members of this armed group organized hiding of Samir Mehdiyev, aka Suleyman, one of the heads of the “Forest brothers” armed group, who was wanted for the terror attack in Abu Bakr mosque on August 17, 2008. The group also planned to explode Baku-Novorossiysk oil pipeline. A great deal of munitions was confiscated from them.

The defendants – Emikishili Asif Tapdig, Mustafayev Rashid Valeh, Jafarov Faig Ahliman, Allahverdiyev Mahir Edif, Guliyev Firdovsi Jafar, Isayev Vusal Isa, Omarov Vasif Sameddin, Farajov Elmaddin Faraj, Mammadov Alkerim Asef, Nabiyev Rashad Farhad, Hasanov Tural Mahammad, Aliyev Jeyhun Ismayil, Alazov Ibadet Mahammad, Khalilov Amil Rza, Ilyasov Kamran Abdulhamid, Karimov Mehdi Alakbar, Druskar Elshan Davud, Mammadov Namig Gasim, Akhundov Teymur Salim, Ibrahimov Arif Namig, Janagayev Elchin Alimat, Farzaliyev Ramil Tofig, Movsumov Fuad Akbar, Mahmudov Rashad Mehman, Akbarov Zeynal Balakhan, Abdullayev Mahir Eyyar, Jami Emin Azizaga and Mustafayev Bakhtiyar Azizbala faced charges under articles 279.1 (creation of armed formations or groups, which are not provided by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, and also participation in their creation and activity, supplying them by weapon, ammunition, explosives, military engineering or military equipment), 29, 214.2.1 (attempt to a terror attack committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons, by organized group or criminal community), 214.2.3 (attempt to a terror attack committed with application of fire-arms or subjects used as a weapon), 228.2.1 (illegal purchase, transfer, selling, storage, transportation or carrying of fire-arms, accessories to it, supplies (except for the smooth-bore hunting weapon and ammunition to it), explosives on preliminary arrangement by group of persons), 229.2.1 (illegal manufacturing of fire-arms, supplies to it, ammunition, explosives, and also repair of fire-arms on preliminary arrangement by group of persons), 181.2.1 (burglary), 206.3.2 (smuggling of weapons by a group of persons), 234.1 (illegal purchase or storage without a purpose of selling of narcotics or psychotropic substances in a quantity (amount) exceeding necessary for personal consumption), 120 (deliberate murder), 206 (smuggling), 185 (illegal occupation of automobile or other vehicle without a purpose of plunder), 318 (illegal crossing border) and 126 (deliberately inflicting serious bodily harm) of the Criminal Code.

Head of the group, Azer Misirkhanov aka Abdulla was killed in Afghanistan during the operations carried out by the US forces.
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