Huseyn Arabul says last plea

Huseyn Arabul says last plea
# 16 September 2009 15:45 (UTC +04:00)
Judge Novruz Karimov presided over the hearing. Huseyn Arabul said he was in prison for 107 days because of illegal actions of four officers of Shamkir Border Unit of State Border Service and the inspector who carried out the investigation. Arabul said he did not commit crime.
“If you want to check trueness of my words, you may ask Georgian frontier guards who were there at that time,” he said.

Arabul asked the court to acquit and release him.
Ramal Alakbarov and Mahir Latifov addressed the court. The defendants said they expected a fair decision.

The hearing will continue on September 18. Turkish citizen Ayhan Donmez, Azerbaijanis Elnur Huseynov and Famil Guliyev will say the last plea.

Prosecutor had demanded 2-year sentence for Huseyn Arabul, 18-month sentence for Azerbaijanis – Mahir Latifov, Elnur Huseynov, Famil Guliyev, Ramal Alakbarov and 1-year suspended sentence for Ayhan Donmez.

In 2007, former president of Barmek-Azerbaijan Huseyn Arabul got five-year suspended sentence with paying AZN 1.370 million. The court also passed a decision banning Arabul from leaving Azerbaijan.

The above-mentioned persons are accused of crossing the border illegally and giving bribe.