Zakharova comments on the visit of Sergei Gazaryan to Russia

Mariya Zakharova, Russian MFA spokesperson

© APA | Mariya Zakharova, Russian MFA spokesperson

# 22 February 2023 19:24 (UTC +04:00)

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on the visit of “Foreign Minister” of separatist ruins in Khankandi Sergei Gazaryan to Russia and holding meetings there, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

The official representative of Russian MFA Mariya Zakharova stressed at the briefing held today that Sergei Gazaryan was on a visit in Russia for personal issues. Russian MFA official noted that she did not have information about the meetings that he had held.

“There is no question of any official status of his being here and cannot be, even if we knew about some contacts... This visit was mentioned as an official visit somewhere. We believe that such a trip cannot be viewed in this way. This is our position,” Zakharova added.