Ambassador: “Nothing has changed, Israel-Azerbaijan relations are good, deep and will get even better”

Ambassador: “Nothing has changed, Israel-Azerbaijan relations are good, deep and will get even better”
# 06 January 2015 09:30 (UTC +04:00)

Ambassador of Israel to Azerbaijan Rafael Harpaz told APA, commenting on the summary of bilateral cooperation for 2014.

The ambassador noted that during last year President Ilham Aliyev met five Israeli leaders.

Talking on recent articles in “Haaretz’ and “Jerusalem Post” which had shown Azerbaijani policy in a negative way diplomat noted again that relationships are very good and deep and official matters are discussed in private, not in public.

“We are looking forward to 2015; the biggest event is Baku European games which are very important for us. Israeli media is discussing this issue, it is a great opportunity to tell the wonderful story of Azerbaijan to European Public, and it will be broadcasted all over the world,” he added.

Ambassador Rafael Harpaz said there is dramatic, significant, increase in the Israeli private sector in Azerbaijan and vise versa: “Azerbaijan has a very good image as a good country of potential of doing good business. New connecting flight by AZAL Tel – Aviv – Baku – New York had been launched lately. I already witnessed it, they even put o kosher food for the passengers. In 2015 I hope we will accomplish the signing of two agreements in the sphere of economy. One agreement of standardization and another one is agreement of double taxation. Those agreements are stimulation for increase of trade”

Diplomat also talked on annual increase of tourism between the sides and good cooperation in the sphere of culture. Rafael Harpaz underlined that Israel wants to learn energy experience of Azerbaijan: “We asked “Knesset” of a creation fond similar to “SOCAR”. You are for us a good school. We have no experience in this field, we want to learn from Azerbaijan”.

Commenting on the coming visits, diplomat noted that there will be high level visits in 2015 after the elections in Israel. He also talked on importance of Jewish community in Azerbaijan: “There are five major regions populated by Jews: Oquz, Sumgayit, Guba, Baku. Azerbaijan is a model for tolerance, we see it again and again and it is important the world to know about it”.

Ambassador reminded again that still nothing has changed in Azerbaijani –Israeli relationships: “Relationships are good, deep and will get even better,” he noted.