Shentop: “OSCE Minsk group could not solve problem in 30 years”

Mustafa Shentop

© APA | Mustafa Shentop

# 17 May 2022 16:13 (UTC +04:00)

“Solving existing problems in the region should be a priority duty of all of us,” said chairman of Turkish Grand National Assembly Mustafa Shentop at the third general conference of the Parliamentary Assembly of Organization of Economic Cooperation, APA reports.

Chairman of the Turkish Grand National assembly noted that measures should be taken to prevent global interference in the deepening of these problems: “We should solve these problems by ourselves. We are living in this geography. The loss of lives in Syria, Kashmir, and Idlib must be stopped. Those who are responsible for it should be brought to responsibility. We saw Azerbaijani lands were occupied by Armenia. OSCE Minsk group was established for putting an end to the occupation. The mechanism consisting leading countries of the world could not solve this problem in 30 years.”

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