Russian experts: By arming Armenia, West wants to escalate the situation in the region-COMMENT

Russian experts: By arming Armenia, West wants to escalate the situation in the region-COMMENT
# 14 November 2023 15:01 (UTC +04:00)

"Ukraine scenario can be repeated in Armenia. The fate of Kyiv awaits Yerevan. By arming Armenia, the West wants to create a hotbed of conflict in the South Caucasus region, near the borders of the Russian Federation, Russian military and political analyst Yevgeny Mikhailov said in an interview with APA's Russian bureau.

According to him, the European Union, particularly France, is trying to escalate the situation in the South Caucasus through Armenia.

"The fate of Ukraine awaits Armenia"

"Yerevan's western partners need a conflict in the South Caucasus region, near the borders of Russia. These days, we saw that the first batch of weapons was delivered to Armenia through the Poti Port in Georgia. This fact shows that Armenia is being armed by the West. What does this mean? First of all, this indicates that Armenia wants revenge.

But the point is that it will take many years to gain some advantage over Azerbaijan. It is necessary to prepare not only the armament, but also the army, firstly, and secondly, Azerbaijan will not stand still. Thirdly, there should be motivation. There is no motivation in the Armenian army. A weak economy, a large-scale defeat, fighting for lands that are not one's own are not motivations. This shows that the Armenian people have fallen into another trap... the trap of Pashinyan's Western curators...", the Russian expert emphasized.

According to Mikhailov, Pashinyan's anti-Russian policy increases the chances of Armenia to become the next Ukraine.

“I think that if Armenia continues this line, what happened in Ukraine will be repeated. At that time, they deceived Ukraine by distributing "cookies" and caused the tragedy of the Ukrainian people. Ukraine's economy was completely destroyed. This is the fate of those who betray their historical and strategic ally. If official Yerevan will continue its activities in this spirit, then Armenia will also face the fate of Ukraine. I believe that Azerbaijan will not calmly observe what is happening. Of course, Russia will not turn a blind eye to the arrival of NATO in Armenia. Yes, NATO is coming to Armenia, it must be said directly. No peacekeepers, observation missions, etc., NATO is coming directly. I think that the situation for Armenia will worsen in the coming days," the Russian military and political analyst concluded.

"Armenia to become a colony of France"

There is growing concern in Russia about the transformation of Armenia into a new Ukraine, Andrey Petrov, editor-in-chief of "Vestnik Kavkaza" Information Agency, political expert, told APA.

"Here we are not talking about military operations in Armenia, as in Ukraine. The point is that Armenia will completely turn its back on Russia and take the line of integration towards the West. We observe France's supply of arms and military equipment to Armenia. This is already a serious step. This is not just a politician's statement to the media. This is a real activity. Another issue is how Armenia will pay for these weapons. This is exactly what worries Russia. The issue of security and the transfer of Yerevan from Russia to the sphere of military and political influence of the West is the point that worries Moscow the most. There is no doubt in Russia that Armenia will not go far from Russia's sphere of influence from an economic point of view. Because more than 50 percent of products produced in Armenia come to Russian markets. No one will release those products to the European market. Because they do not need Armenian products. In this regard, there is no concern in Russia. However, there is concern that Armenia may pose a threat to Russia's security at some point. Because Armenia is completely taken over by the Western powers," said the Russian political expert.

France, which lost its sphere of influence in Africa to Russia, wants to make up for it with Armenia, Petrov said.

"Paris, which has successively lost its colonies in Africa to Russia, now wants to turn Armenia into its colony. Most likely, Armenia will become a colony of France."

According to him, Moscow will take more economic measures in relation to Armenia: "Because there is almost no political dialogue between the Pashinyan regime and Moscow. The postponement of the recognition of Armenian driver's licenses in the Russian territory in the State Duma and the banning of Armenian trucks in the Russian territory in Upper Lars can be considered the first step in the direction of economic measures. Russia has many levers of economic pressure against Armenia. But Armenia does not have such a lever in relation to Russia. Armenia only wants to use the geopolitical conflict and gain something."

“It was expected for Pashinyan to sabotage the CSTO summit”

Director of the Russian Institute of Political Studies, political expert Sergey Markov stated that the West has entered the South Caucasus through Armenia. “The West is doing this in alliance with Armenia. It is known that under the leadership of Pashinyan, the leadership of Armenia is taking big steps in the direction of turning the country from Russia to Russia’s enemies – France, the European Union, the U.S., and NATO. With this, Yerevan wants to continue the fight with Azerbaijan by leaning on NATO. I think that France is trying to take revenge on Russia. France wants to show that it is a superpower. Pashinyan considers separating Armenia from Russia and directing it towards the West his mission. Currently, he has big opportunities for this.”

Russian political expert also commented on Nikol Pashinyan’s refusal to attend the Collective Security Treaty Organization's (CSTO) summit scheduled to be held in Minsk on November 23. He said that the activity of CSTO and Eurasian Economic Union are being sabotaged by Armenia: “Everyone was expecting Pashinyan to sabotage the CSTO summit to be held in Minsk. Pashinyan needs this to once again show his anti-Russia position to his Western partners. I think that Armenia could also exit from CSTO. However, Yerevan will remain within the Organization and will continue his sabotage activities. This is in the interest of the West and especially the enemies of Russia. Such danger exists.”