Macron's France shrinks so much that it undertakes committments to a Russian outpost-OPINION

Hikmet Babaoglu, Deputy chairman of the defense, security, and anti-corruption committee of the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan

© APA | Hikmet Babaoglu, Deputy chairman of the defense, security, and anti-corruption committee of the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan

# 18 February 2023 14:26 (UTC +04:00)

"French President Emmanuel Macron's speech at the 59th Munich Security Conference should be evaluated as a call to make the world more dangerous than security," deputy chairman of the defense, security and anti-corruption committee of the Milli Majlis, Hikmet Babaoglu told APA.

"In his speech, Emmanuel Macron declares war on everyone in large geography, starting from Russia to the Caucasus, from the Middle East to Africa: As if this is not enough, he is also dissatisfied with the activities of the UN. However, the point is that France, led by the president who is the author of such aggressive and threatening ideas, is currently just a vassal, a tool in the hybrid war of the United States, and a proxy war against Russia on behalf of the United States. Macron's views seem bold because this speech is his political monologue, that's all," said H. Babaoglu.

The MP stressed that Emmanuel Macron has neither the military-political power nor the real economic potential to implement his claims in real geostrategic processes: "But this is only one side of the matter. It seems that Emmanuel Macron sees the issue of UN accessibility from a completely different perspective. At present, the relevant issue is the issue of proportionality of the members by civilizations for consensus and objectivity when making decisions in the UN Security Council. And Emmanuel Macron sees it as replacing the veto with general consensus, which is completely wrong. One of the most controversial opinions and issues is the French President calling Russia a neocolonialist. The point is that Emmanuel Macron, who accuses Russia of neocolonialism, in the same speech, promotes French neocolonialism from head to toe. He condemns Russia's attack on Ukraine but does not talk about his military escalation in the White Sea. The neocolonialist says that Russia cannot solve the problems in the Caucasus, he does not mention that he sent the French gendarmerie to Armenia for a new neocolonialism. This is political satire. So it turns out that when Russia is neo-colonial it's bad, but when France is neo-colonial it's good? The contradictory and ambitious monologue of the French president does not end there. His friend promises Pashinyan that he will continue to stand by him. This idea is Emmanuel Macron's way of bringing France under his political weight. Compared to the France of Charles de Gaulle or Jacques Chirac, Macron's France has shrunk so much that Russia's outpost is committed to Armenia. Finally, Emmanuel Macron says that we should work with autocratic regimes that do not share our values, but he should not do like Russia. Mr. Macron, if your values are to kill 3 million Algerians, hundreds of thousands of Yemenis, millions of North Africans, and Corsicans and commit genocide, and if your values are to support your genocidal sister Armenia not to give up its policy of occupation, you should not share those values with anyone in the Caucasus or anywhere in the world. you won't know. Therefore, from the beginning, give up your claims of French neocolonialism."

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