Azerbaijani peacekeepers in Iraq to be seen off to Motherland, December 7 – EXCLUSIVE

Azerbaijani peacekeepers in Iraq to be seen off to Motherland, December 7 – <font color=red>EXCLUSIVE </font>
# 03 December 2008 15:20 (UTC +04:00)
Representatives of Iraqi local government, parliament and society attended the ceremony.

The participants appreciated 5-year service of Azerbaijani servicemen in Iraq. Awards and keepsakes were presented to the distinguished Azerbaijani servicemen on behalf of the Coalition Forces Command.

Azerbaijani Defense Ministry’s press service told APA exclusively that Azerbaijani servicemen will leave Iraq on December 7. The ministry also said Azerbaijani servicemen had already handed over the facilities they protected to the government forces of Iraq.

Draft law on “Withdrawal of the contingent of Azerbaijani Armed Forces from Iraq” was approved by Azerbaijani Parliament on November 11. .

Contingent of Azerbaijani Armed Forces had served in Iraq with the international coalition forces since August 15, 2003 under the decision of the parliament. Azerbaijani peacekeepers protected Al-Haditha water reservoir and hydropower plant supplying 30 percent of Iraq with electricity. Azerbaijani peacekeepers protected 15 sq. km. territory in Al-Haditha. 1 Azerbaijani peacekeeper was killed in Iraq.

150 servicemen - 14 officers, 16 ensigns and 120 soldiers served in Azerbaijani contingent in Iraq. They were rotated every six months.