Held a presentation of a book named ""Armenian issue" in the Caucasus" prepared by The European Azerbaijan Society- PHOTO‎

Held a presentation of a book named ""Armenian issue" in the Caucasus" prepared by The European Azerbaijan Society- <font color=red>PHOTO‎</font>
# 21 April 2011 21:30 (UTC +04:00)
According to APA, the book prepared on the basis of archives of Russian documents and publications of the period of 1724-1914 years, published in a three-volume.

Speaking at a meeting, founder and chairman of The European Azerbaijan Society Taleh Heydarov informed the audience about the works done by the organization. He noted that the main aim of his organization is to introduce European public policy, economics and culture of Azerbaijan. "Our main task is also to inform the international community with the great problem the Azerbaijan – Nagorno Karabakh conflict."

Speaking about the work done by The Europe-Azerbaijan Society, Heydarov spoke about the “Vision Azerbaijan” magazine, book named "Answers to 100 questions about Azerbaijan", which translated into 5 foreign languages. They also will be translated into other 3 foreign languages.

According to him the book "The Armenian Issue in the Caucasus” has been prepared on the basis of Military Archives of Russia. Many of the documents in the book were published for the first time. “In the book were published opinions of Russian intelligentsias who criticize the policy of the Russian empire in the South Caucasus. They openly say that Armenians are creating problems in the region. Neither in the South Caucasus, nor in the Eastern Anatolia was not a genocide fact against Armenians. But Armenians committed massacre against Turks", - he said.

Historian, scientist Yagub Mahmudov noted that the book published by The European Azerbaijan Society is an important event in the Azerbaijan history. “The name of book is so important. This shows that Armenians resettled in the Caucasus in the 19th century. Scientific importance of the book is too much. Armenians who built state on the territory of Azerbaijan, now want to build a second Armenian state on the lands of Azerbaijan. The book provides a proper response to claims of Armenians and their defenders”, - the scientist said.

Yagub Mahmudov said that some of Russian politics supports this policy which back to the times of Peter I. Some are even proud of it. “In the book reflects all of the documents from Turkmanchay contract to the Treaty of Berlin. This once again confirms that the Armenians were relocated to this land”, - he said.

Editor of the “Vision of Azerbaijan” magazine Jan Perth said that people who puts signature to the "Armenian genocide" resolution even they do not know what they sign. "It is important that the book contains irrefutable facts and evidence and world scientists will derive advantage from the book. Politicians will be based on these facts during the debates. I want to call on the world historians that to use the facts contained in this book when the make speech", - he said.

Azerbaijani Presidential Administration socio-political department head Ali Hasanov noted that the European countries, including Russia, have documented all the activities associated with the colonial policy. As a result of this policy, few people are faced with similar problems. "In the 21st century, we expect many strategic objectives. And most important is to bring to the attention of the world society the fact of “Armenian issue" with the utmost precision and the facts, - Hasanov said.

According to him, it is necessary to analyze all the ethnogenesis of the Azerbaijani people, to bring to the international community the truth about the events leading up Azerbaijan’s independence and subsequent processes. The activities of Taleh Heydarov and his book can be considered as the starting point. He noted that it is needed to ensure these books the world’s leading research centers, libraries, centers for Strategic Studies, through the media to acquaint the public of various countries with those facts presented in the book. The world must see the difference between actually been subjected to genocide people of Azerbaijan and the Armenians invented the myth about "Armenian genocide".

Hasanov said that the Europe-Azerbaijan Society has been active in this direction. He stressed that have to more careful study and analysis historical sources about Azerbaijan in the world archives.

Note that the book is already published in Russian in St. Petersburg and English in London. The book also includes materials and documents relating to the role played by the Armenian Gregorian Church and Dashnaktsutyun. At the presentations ceremony it was noted that in Russia edition of this book faced with pressure from the Armenian side. Nevertheless, all the bookstores in Russia have the ““Armenian Issue” in the Caucasus” book. And in London was published by a review of well known British scientists.

In addition, the electronic version of the ““Armenian Issue" in the Caucasus" posted on the site “amazon.com”.