Conference on Nagorno Karabakh conflict held at European Parliament

Conference on Nagorno Karabakh conflict held at European Parliament
# 19 April 2011 17:13 (UTC +04:00)
Brussels. Fuad Gulubeyli – APA. Conference entitled “I want to live at my home” regarding Nagorno Karabakh problem and humanitarian parties of the conflict was held at the office of the European Parliament in Brussels, APA’s Europe bureau reports. The conference organized by some members of the European Parliament and supported by Azerbaijani organizations in Brussels was attended by members of the European Parliament, representatives of Azerbaijani and Armenian public organizations, permanent representations of the two countries to the European Union and European experts.

The discussions were held under the leadership of Romanian member of the European Parliament Norica Nicolai. Former member of the German parliament Eduard Lintner, Slovenian member of the European Parliament Ivo Vajgl and judge of Belgian Constitutional Court Jean-Paul Murman addressed the conference. Norica Nicolai said she visited Azerbaijan several times, concerned herself with the hard conditions of the refugees and internally displaced persons.
“I witnessed their hard living conditions and saw that all of them wished to return to their native lands. This is a big human tragedy and we must find its solution, we must attach more importance to the discussions of such serious issues. Some persons’ calling these discussions manipulation can not give us ground to keep silence. On the contrary, not discussing these issues is not a humane act, it contradicts human rights. We must strengthen peace process between the two countries. We consider that basic principles must be completed. It is high time for the sides to reach agreement. Any opportunity that will emerge in the process of negotiations should be discussed, studied attentively,” she said.

Norica Nicolai said she plans to bring together Azerbaijani and Armenian refugees and hold a large meeting at the European Parliament.

Former member of the Belgian parliament and judge of the country’s Constitutional Court Jean-Paul Murman touched on the legal aspects of the problem. Speaking about the four resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council in 1993, Murman underlined resolution #853 demanding recognition of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, calling Armenia occupying side and return of the IDPs to their native lands. Moreover, Belgian judge mentioned resolution #1415 adopted by the PACE in 2005 and said it covered occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenian armed forces. Jean-Paul Murman gave two proposals concerning refugees and IDPs. He offered to establish an international foundation that will engage in paying compensation to refugees, establish an international court for investigating the problem of refugees and imposition of sanctions against perpetrators.

Member of the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee, Slovenian Ivo Vajgl touched on political and diplomatic sides of the problem.
“This crisis is both humanitarian and a political problem. All problems can be solved only when both countries sincerely start dialogue. We show respect to Armenians and understand their tragic pages in history. But they must understand that the norms of the international law must be accepted. The European Parliament and the European institutions must demonstrate activeness in the solution of this problem,” he said.

Delegate of Armenia’s permanent representation to the European Union and member of organization Friends of Armenia were not satisfied with the conference and accused members of the European Parliament of being biased. The Armenian side again spoke about Sumgayit happenings and voiced their old accusations that Azerbaijan is making militarist calls and is not interested in peace. Answering the speeches of Armenian and pro-Armenian participants Ivo Vajgl said he did not hear anything new in their speeches, they consisted of the repeated claims of the Armenian side.