Greece Freezes All Assets Owned by MEP Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili, MEP

© APA | Eva Kaili, MEP

# 12 December 2022 17:00 (UTC +04:00)

Authorities in Greece announced on Monday the freezing of all assets in Greece owned by European Parliament Vice-President Eva Kaili following the so-called Qatargate corruption scandal, APA reports citing GreekReporter.

The head of the Greek authority against money laundering, former Supreme Court deputy prosecutor Haralambos Vourliotis, also ordered that the assets of her partner and her immediate family be frozen.

Vourliotis took immediate action after the MEP was reportedly detained and later arrested in Belgium on charges of corruption and money laundering, in order to protect assets that may derive from illegal activities and are located in Greece, including property, bank accounts, shares in companies and others.

All Greek financial institutions and the relevant state services (such as the land registry) have been informed of the freezing of assets owned by MEP being held in Belgium, as well as the members of her immediate family.

Kaili was one of four people arrested by Belgian authorities on Sunday and charged with money laundering, corruption and forming a criminal organization.

In an announcement that does not mention specific names, the Brussels federal prosecutor’s office said that four people were placed under arrest for the above charges, out of six detained during raids by the federal police on Friday.