Unneeded state agencies be abolished, related ones merged, Azerbaijani MP suggests

Unneeded state agencies be abolished, related ones merged, Azerbaijani MP suggests
# 07 December 2016 12:37 (UTC +04:00)

Unneeded state agencies in Azerbaijan should be abolished and related agencies should be merged, said Azerbaijani MP Siyavush Novruzov.

He made the remarks on Wednesday during a parliamentary meeting on the discussion of the state budget package for 2017.

“The funds allocated for these agencies should be spent on other areas. We need to do a lot with limited funds,” he noted.

The MP said that low-income families must be taken care of and the amount of funds allocated for them must not be reduced.

“These people also include families of martyrs and war veterans. Good that social the amount allocated for the social sphere hasn’t changed,” added Novruzov.

He said everything has been taken into consideration when preparing the 2017 state budget.

The MP also touched on the reforms.

“In the first place, small and medium size entrepreneurship should be promoted, some small entrappers even be exempt from taxes, and taxes on medium size entrepreneurship reduced. This may well lead to the acquisition of new revenues for the year to come,” he added.

Norvuzov said Azerbaijan is a country that has been able to make the most of its oil revenues.

The MP also talked about a possible closure of several diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan abroad.

“We paid a visit to Uzbekistan recently. Uzbekistan is a strategic partner of Azerbaijan and one of the few countries that have not opened an embassy for Armenia. But the position of military attaché has seen reduction in Uzbekistan. Now, are we supposed to say we have reduced this position due to lack of funds? This issue has to be dealt with by the Ministry of Defense and also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he concluded.