Azerbaijani parliament slams European Parliament over recent resolution

Azerbaijani parliament slams European Parliament over recent resolution
# 14 September 2015 14:19 (UTC +04:00)

Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on foreign and inter-parliamentary relations, head of the Azerbaijani Delegation to PACE Samad Seyidov said this provocative resolution should be given an adequate resolution.

The resolution in fact undermines the European Parliament’s reputation, Samadov noted. “Following the adoption of such a resolution, the future statements and promises of the European Parliament will be meaningless. It has taken such a step against Azerbaijan, an independent state,” he said.

Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on law policy and state building Ali Huseynli said Azerbaijan should reconsider its relations with the EU. “In the upcoming parliamentary elections, our people’s view and position is important for us rather than those of any international organizations. I believe the policy established by Heydar Aliyev will continue in the future,” the parliamentary chairman said.

MP Siyavush Novruzov in turn said he has witnessed a number of biased resolutions of the European Parliament over the past two years.

“Article 10 of the last resolution passed by the European Parliament says the arrest of Leyla and Arif Yunus serve to build relations between the young people from occupying country and Azerbaijan. Could there be any approach more unjust than this? It’s we who have suffered from aggression and genocide. They cooperate with some national traitors of ours. All political parties and NGOs in Azerbaijan say they will participate in the elections save the council of national traitors. Because they receive grants from those powers and they seek to see themselves as an element in future resolutions on Azerbaijan of those organizations from which they get grants. Let Europeans come and learn from Azerbaijan tolerance, how a transparent election is held and how moral values are preserved. Let them know that the government and people in Azerbaijan are united,” he said.

MP Vahid Ahmadov said the European Parliament does not speak on behalf of the entire Europe, adding Azerbaijan has close relations with a number of European countries.

“I think it’s necessary to work with the European Parliament, especially those powers that are against Azerbaijan,” the MP noted.

Speaker Ogtay Asadov gave an immediate reaction to Vahid Ahmadov’s speech.

“We do not say that we are going to break our relations with Europe. We have no obligations to the European Parliament. President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz had announced prior to the European Games that any visit to Azerbaijan – official or unofficial –should be avoided. After that, many of the 202 MPs who opposed to the resolution called us up and apologized.

MP Gudrat Hasanguliyev said that the resolution was drafted by pro-Armenian persons, and they think more about the interests of Armenia rather than Europe.

“Unfortunately, the Azerbaijani opposition is not homogeneous. Today there is a body called the council of national traitors. They think that upon their support to this biased resolution, Europe will approach them. However, Europe also knows that they are traitors. They made use of these persons from time to time. In order to come to power, they are ready to cooperate with the devil. The resolution doesn’t include any provision about one million Azerbaijani refugees,” he said.

Hasanguliyev said he doesn’t expect that the European Commission will pass any decisions upon this resolution of the European Parliament. “If there will be such a decision, we should consider our relations with the European Commission as well”, he added.

Then the other MPs also harshly criticized the European Parliament's resolution.

Speaker of the Parliament Ogtay Asadov said we failed to achieve at least one document about the Nagorno-Karabakh to be signed and include it in the list of issues being discussed. “What does our involvement in this organization give us? We must pass a resolute decision on our participation in that organization. I think that we should appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers to review the Eastern Partnership program,” the speaker stressed.