Azerbaijani lawmaker calls for 30% reduction in public administration system

Azerbaijani lawmaker calls for 30% reduction in public administration system
# 02 December 2016 10:56 (UTC +04:00)

Baku. Mubariz Aslanov – APA. Azerbaijani MP Gudrat Hasanguliyev said on Friday he thinks the number of officials in the country’s public administration system must be reduced by 30 percent.

In developed countries as well as in developing countries, the number of officials is twice as few compare to Azerbaijan, the MP said addressing the parliamentary committees’ joint meeting dedicated to the discussion of the 2017 state budget packaged.

“Let’s at least do some 30 percent reduction in administrative management and the Cabinet of Ministers so that we can save some funds to spend on more efficient programmes,” he said. “Most of the officials do not get high salary anyway. So, by doing this reduction, we would both save on the budget and at the same time provide other officials—the ones who are capable enough—fair wages.”

Hasanguliyev also proposed that the wages of teachers and doctors be increased.

“Pensions too should be increased, at least twice as much. The salaries of front line servicemen should also be increased,” he added.

The MP also proposed that NGOs’ access to sources of foreign grants be simplified.

“This would both have positive impact on the country’s image and also give impetus to the development of this sector,” he said.

The MP also brought to the attention of participants that recently a refugee family from Fuzuli burned alive in a house fire in Baku. “I was deeply saddened by that news. Housing conditions of the refugees and internally displaced persons should be improved,” he said.

Hasanguliyev also expressed his objection against lack of necessary support to entrepreneurship. “We do not allocate funds to the Fund for Entrepreneurship Support, banks don’t grant loans and the Azerbaijani manat is in a floating rate. Entrepreneurs should know the exchange rate of manat. Otherwise, they will not spend funds”, he added.

The MP stressed the importance of funds invested abroad into the country.

“We allocate 350 million funds to Serbia at 4 percent for 15 years. However, Azerbaijan Railways CJSC is seeking loans. Let’s keep the funds in local banks at 4 percent and direct them for development of the country. If loans are needed for the CJSC in future, it will be granted at 7 percent at least,” he said.

Hasanguliyev also emphasized the importance of privatization of large companies. “If Azersu, Azeriqaz and Azerishiq are not privatized, the situation will not change”, he concluded.