Chingiz Asgarov accuses those who against list of Azeri judges to the ECHR of favoring Armenians

Chingiz Asgarov accuses those who against list of Azeri judges to the ECHR of favoring Armenians
# 12 January 2008 12:30 (UTC +04:00)
The Law Awareness Society told APA that the appeal was undersigned by lawyers Intigam Aliyev, Annaghi Hajibayli, Alovsat Aliyev, Rashid Hajili, Hafiz Hasanov, right defenders Leyla Yunus and Avaz Hasanov.
The appeal says that two of the judges in the list submitted by Azerbaijan are not famous persons in the public and compared to the current judge Khanlar Hajiyev, they have no chance to do anything.
The appeal calls for sending back the list to Azerbaijan for reconsideration.
Chingiz Asgarov, Azerbaijan’s representative to the European Court, told APA that the undersigned are against the national interests of Azerbaijan.
“So called lawyers and right defenders appealed to the Council of Europe when Azerbaijan submitted the list last time. They then claimed that the selection process had not been transparent in Azerbaijan. So, the PACE sent the list back.
Azerbaijan Judicial Council, under recommendation of the PACE, posted notices and held procedures to select candidates. All the NGOs, lawyers and law organizations were invited to nominate candidates. I think they are against the national interest of Azerbaijan. This is an order made by Armenia. The European Court is about to consider complaints of Azeri IDPs against Armenia. So, we need strong lawyers in hearings. Some pro-Armenian forces want to obstruct this. They don’t want to see strong judges in the European Court,” he added.
He noted that three judges nominated by the Azerbaijan government are stronger.
“Three of all them are judges who speak English fluently. They know European Human Rights Convention and they know precedent law of the European Court. Each of them can represent Azerbaijan,” he noted.
Azerbaijan nominated Khanlar Hajiyev, the current judge to the European Court, Rashad hasanov, Judge of Azizbayov District Court and Aygun Abdullayeva, Judge of Nasimi District Court. /APA/
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