Azerbaijani political parties start preparations for presidential elections

Azerbaijani political parties start preparations for presidential elections
# 09 January 2008 10:45 (UTC +04:00)
He noted that the party has a program on preparation for the presidential elections and every step that will be taken by the elections is planned.
“The program consists of three parts – preliminary period, main period and period after the elections. The second item of the first part of the program will be implemented as from February 1 and will last by June. Election platform, kinds of posters, propaganda ads and meetings will be prepared within this period. We will be ready for all the issues when the elections start,” he said.
Siyavush Novruzov also said that YAP will hold rallies during the elections.
“YAP has always used new technologies, and this time we will also use different kinds of meetings with voters. There are mass rallies, individual meetings, door-to-door, television, radio, press, internet and other technologies, all of them will be used,” he said.
Leader of Musavat part Isa Gambar told APA that a program on the party’s activity in 2008 has been prepared and the document will soon be confirmed in the elective bodies.
“We will act inline with this program. Our aim in these elections is not only to win, but also to fight for free and fair elections,” he said.
Isa Gambar said that all possible steps will be taken to hold free and fair elections. He underlined that the important targets lying ahead are amendments to the Electoral Code and formation of election commissions on parity basis.
National Union Movement leader Lale Shovket stated that joint decision will be passed in Azadlig block .According her speech, if there is not democracy, the block will not participate in the elections.
“We do not want to play an episodic role in this show. I think that, we should try to establish democratic condition in the first half of the year. It is impossible to hold democratic election, because the election commissions are under contrails of the authorities,” she said.
Umid party leader Igbal Agazadeh stated that the program on the presidential election has been prepared.
“We had action programs before. We will carry out our program on 2008 from January 15,” he said.
Azerbaijan Democratic Party leader Serdar Jalaloglu stated that debates on the presidential election has been just started. According his speech, ADP has decision on the participation in the elections.
People’s Front Party chairman Gulamhuseyn Alibeyli stated that the aim of “Azadlig” block is the change of composition of election commissions. Alibeyli stated that they will participate in the elections, after change of election legislation. He stated that we are engaged in this issue now.
“If we achieve it, we well solve the issue on the participation in the elections with unique candidate. As to establishing new election blocks during the elections, Alibeyli noted that Azerbaijani practice shows that it was not successful.
“The establishment of election blocs is of conventional character. There are several parties in Azerbaijan, and it would be better if they participate in the elections alone,” he said.
Chairman of Ana Vatan (Motherland) Party Fazail Agamali said that the main target in the elections is Ilham Aliyev’s victory.
Mr. Agamali saying that party has program regarding it said that he does not hope that any election bloc will be established.
“If YAP decides that there is a need for a unique bloc for nominating Ilham Aliyev’s candidacy, we will possibly be represented in that bloc,” he said.
Chairman of Open Society Party Akif Shahbazov said that the main direction of the activity of the party regarding elections is to ensure ex-speaker Rasul Guliyev’s return to Azerbaijan.
“Our first work is not nomination of the candidate, but to achieve candidate’s return to the country. The other issues will be concrete after it is achieved,” he said.
Chairman of Civil Union Party Sabir Rustamkhanli stated that he made a decision on participating in the elections with his candidacy in the last Congress of the Party.
“But the Assembly has authority to make decision due to the situation in the next stage. That is why it is too early to speak about the concrete steps we will take,” he said.
Press secretary of Azerbaijan National Independence Party (ANIP) Ali Orujov said that the Party has not yet got program regarding elections.
Ali Orujov saying that ANIP intends to participate in the elections underlined that they will try to nominate candidacy of the leader of the Party Etibar Mammadov.
“But if we can not achieve it, we will nominate other candidate,” he said. /APA/
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