Ali Hasanov: We do not think 2008 will be tense for Azerbaijan

Ali Hasanov: We do not think 2008 will be tense for Azerbaijan
# 08 January 2008 14:24 (UTC +04:00)
- How do you value the socio-political situation in Azerbaijan in 2007?
- Stable socio-political situation and dynamic development were observed in Azerbaijan last year. The government strengthened its position in the country and abroad, public administration was improved and became more transparent. Improvement was also observed in the activity of the key institutions of the political system in the country. Establishment of new political parties was also recorded. There was improvement in the field of Azerbaijani mass media. New televisions and other media outlets were established. Atmosphere of political pluralism extended and met modern requirements. The authorities-opposition relations were normal enough last year, Azerbaijani people supported the policy pursued by the authorities. This was the main motivating force of the authorities’ reforms in economic, social and moral spheres. National and religious situation was stable enough. Tolerant atmosphere of Azerbaijan extended, there were no serious problems in the relations among religions and nations. Totally, 2007 was a successful year for Azerbaijan.
-Is it possible to say that socio-political situation will be tenser this year, taking into account presidential elections?
- We do not think that 2008 will be tense for Azerbaijan. Simply, it will be a dynamic year in socio-political life of the society. In connection with the presidential elections more dynamic processes are expected to take place in political and social life. We normally assess it. Activeness of the society rises in every country during the year of election. We also expect activeness in 2008. But we are pessimistic about the forecasts that situation will be tense in 2008.
- Mass protest actions are expected to be more due to presidential elections will be held in the country this year…
All local executive power structures have already allocated proper places in open air and closed condition for holding these or other actions and candidates’ meeting with electors .All terms and conditions will be fulfilled for holding pre- election campaign.
- How do authorities prepare for the election?
- We prepare fro election in some directions. First, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev continues his activity due to his promises before the electors in 2003.He realizes important state programs on internal and external development of Azerbaijan. On the other hand, we are engaged in modernizing activities of election constitutions forthcoming elections, holding election preparations in polling stations and election constitutions due to demands of legislation. Local and central executive powers carry out proper administrative issues on the administration of the country.
- How do you appreciate the state of media in Azerbaijan in 2007?
We can say that state of media in Azerbaijan was normal last year. We think that, country media did not face with any serious crisis, did not stop its activities and there was not any pressure against them. Only “Realniy Azerbaijan” newspaper stopped its activity and there were a lot of explanations on it. There is development in number of newspapers and in their quality, As to courts between journalists and separate persons, we think that it is normal. We regret that several journalists were arrested. But addressing from humanism principles, Azerbaijani President demonstrated government’s position to the freedom of media and pardoned some of them. Taking all into account, 2007 can be considered acceptable year in the development of media in Azerbaijan.
-State Program on support to development of media is expected to be confirmed this year….
- The conception envisaging state support to NGOs was signed last year. This issue is already about to be realized. Such project is also intended to be prepared on media. This work was commissioned to the leadership of Press Council and working group. State representatives also participate in that group. We think that that program is ready and the head of the state will be informed about it after it is debated and further steps will be defined.
- How do you think, will this program create positive change in media situation?
- Yes. We adopt this program for broadening the environment of free media in Azerbaijan, strengthening its material-technical base. This program will be adopted for decreasing dependence of media from political bodies, completely from separate people.
- How do you assess rise of prices of state newspapers?
- State newspapers were the last media outlets which rose prices. I think that it is also normal case in the society where wages were raised.
- What expects Azerbaijani media in 2008?
- Azerbaijani media functions in democratic, political pluralism condition. Our media will also be able to function in such condition this year. Those whose activity conform rules, development tendency of society and demands of modern journalism, development awaits them. And those who will abuse his pen, insult people’s honor and dignity, they will be responsible for it. /APA/
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