Report from medical center of Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Service - PHOTOSESSION

Report from medical center of Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Service - <font color=#FF0000>PHOTOSESSION </font>
# 10 October 2007 17:22 (UTC +04:00)
“A prisoner, who is held in the medical center of Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Service, feels bad… The other is dying…” An idea has started up to prepare a report in the medical center of Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Service. Chief of the service Nazim Alakbarov sustained our appeal and APA prepared an exclusive report about ill-health prisoners.
… People in white dresses, smell of medicines and flowers say this is a hospital. But seeing tall stone walls with barbed wires over them, iron discipline starting from the entrance, one can not forget that this is a jail.
We review the wards along with chief of the jail Ismayil Hasanov and head physician Rashad Damirov. The jail chief says that there are conditions for prisoners’ examination and treatment and some problems have been solved.
“We had no Ultrasound Equipment, modern X-Ray room, some medical facilities were old. But the problems are removed thanks to the care of Justice Ministry. Modern medical facilities have been bought and there almost are all opportunities for examination. We can diagnose a patient and start treatment,” he said.
Head physician Rashad Damirov says there are departments of surgery, infectious and skin diseases, neurology, psychology, therapy, wards for women, drug-addicted prisoners, for those who before worked in law-enforcement bodies and civil service. Patients are sent to either Neurosurgical Hospital or to Central Oilmen Hospital only when there is need for magnetic resonance examination and dialysis. All the prisoners in the country are examined here every six months. They underline that all the prisoners are examined for tuberculosis in time.
AIDS laboratory is planned to be established in the medical center. The equipment has already been brought. Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has presented the equipment. The head physician says the laboratory that will be opened next year will have no analogue in the CIS.
The head physician also says that AIDS-infected patients are treated in the medical center now, but does not say their number…
The most modern equipment is expected to be bought for surgical department. A doctor was examining Zaur Bayramov, whose leg was amputated ten days ago. Chief of the surgical department, major of medical service Bayali Mammadov said that the patient was arrested on article 234 (using drugs) of the criminal code. The doctor said abuse of drugs caused his health problems. The department chief added that none of the patients who were operated here died.
“We perform operations anytime. We performed three operations here,” he said.
We mention that advisor of Noto-bene newspaper Faramaz Allahverdiyev, who was treated in the center, refused being operated there. The chief says that he decided this as he feels well.
“There are all conditions here. Faramaz Allahverdiyev did not want to be operated. He felt well, when he left the center,” he said.
We see a very strange stand here. Things taken out of the different parts of prisoners’ bodies are demonstrated here: tea spoon, table spoon, forks, rusty iron, thermometer and different iron things…
… We visit wards wishing to see the famous prisoners – Akif Muradverdiyev, former officer of President’s Office, correspondent of Azadliq newspaper Mirza Sakit, Dayanat Karimov, who killed Afiyaddin Jalilov. Akif Muradverdiyev does not want to see anybody. Doctors say he is being treated in neurological department.
Mirza Sakit and Dayanat Karimov agree to meet with us. First we meet with Mirza Sakit. He complains of heartache.
“I suffered from atrophy. This problem has been removed. I do not complain of the treatment here. I am satisfied with the chief and doctors,” he says.
He wants to be transferred to a jail near the place where his family lives. Mirza Sakit, who will be 48 on October 19, asks us to convey his gratitude to his colleagues, who do not forget him and relations. He also says that he appealed to president Ilham Aliyev.
“As far as I know my mother appealed for my pardoning. This is her right,” he says.
We also meet with Dayanat Karimov, who was accused of murdering former vice-speaker of the parliament Afiyaddin Jalilov and arrested. He has problems in his left leg. He is satisfied with his treatment and says he feels normal. But he does not want us to take his photo.
The center was opened in 1956. /APA/

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