Siyavush Novruzov: “Some YAP’s nominees in last parliamentary elections haven’t justified confidence” – INTERVIEW

Siyavush Novruzov: “Some YAP’s nominees in last parliamentary elections haven’t justified confidence” – <font color=red>INTERVIEW </font>
# 05 March 2010 12:21 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Elnur Mammadli – APA. APA’s interveiw with deputy executive secretary of New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), MP Siyavush Novruzov

-2010 is an important year in Azerbaijan in terms of the parliamentary elections. Is there normal condition to hold democratic elections in the country?

-2009 was a successful year for Azerbaijan both in terms of economic indicators and elections. I consider that socio-political situation in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan’s geographical position and the developments give ground to say that it is possible to hold free, fair and democratic elections in the country.

-But there are proposals to make changes to the Electoral Code, you also put forward such proposals…

-Some just say the Electoral Code should be changed. When they are asked which article, item should be changed, they do not say it concretely. What should be changed? What impedes the elections? How the procedure should be? They do not say it concretely, and they can no say it. I am one of those few persons who can express concrete opinion on the Electoral Code in Azerbaijan. I know very well the current Electoral Code both theoretically and practically. Those who have not seen the Electoral Code, but propose to change it, have no strong arguments. They touch only on one detail that the election commission should be changed. All the variants concerning the election commissions in Azerbaijan have been used. The best variant has been chosen and free and fair elections are held within this variant. I have got a number of proposals concerning concrete articles. They are connected with the procedural rules. There are issues that are not important – for example, notification of the date when the signature is issued, date of the ID card and others…

-Other parties have started preparations for the parliamentary elections. Has YAP started the preparations?

-YAP Management Board held a meeting early this year and prepared the working plan of the party. 60 percent of the working plan for 2010 covers the parliamentary elections. We have started preparing election plan. The plan covers the steps to be taken by the day of election. We hold meetings with the district and regional organizations, listen to their reports on strengthening their logistics, state of offices, level of the preparation for the elections. The areas will be analyzed after the procedure comes to an end. The activities concerning the elections depend on two stages – study and analysis. After the analysis we will conduct studies, learn the features of every election constituency and determine the candidates.

-When will start the determination of candidates?

- It will begin after learning of the election constituencies’ characteristics. That is, the social, sexual, national psychological situation of the groups in the regions will be learnt. Former candidates, their probability to nominate for election again, we will analyze all these and make decision. If our nominated candidate acquitted, we will nominate him for election again. Otherwise there would be change, displacement. We have investigated it during municipal elections, only 30% of the former candidates were nominated again. Who didn’t acquit wouldn’t be nominated for elections again.

-What do you think, why last time candidates nominated for parliamentary elections by New Azerbaijan Party didn’t acquit?

- Generally, I highly appreciate the activity of YAP MPs at the parliament. But Some YAP’s nominees in last parliamentary elections haven’t justified confidence. That is, one must take into consideration both electors and party’s confidence. Besides, there is participation in legislative work of the parliament, represent the parliament at international organizations and other approaches. These investigations are being continued.

-Which of the former candidates can be nominated again this time?

- It is decision as a result of collective discussions, and foremost, it depends on the will of the chairman. All analysis will be presented to party’s chairman, and then ruling staff will make a decision.

-Why there is a need to change parliament leadership?

- Composition and leadership of the parliament are lasting. For example, this term is 30-40 years in most countries. That is, it is an extra work. Parliament has already learnt it and specialized. The parliament leadership has been elected for 5 years. There were carried our successful works. I hope that this activity will continue in future too.

-How do you value the preparation process for parliamentary elections of the opposition parties?

- Opposition has begun preparation process with mutual accusations. There should be potential for the beginning of preparation for election. They compete with one another. But the opposition parties couldn’t nominate at least 200 candidates in municipal elections. That ism, to build a bloc, determine any candidate is a show… and they try to create agiotage around it. But, Azadlig bloc, or others haven’t’ any potential. There must be 3-4 candidates. I think that about 30 parties will take part at these elections, and if each of them will nominate 2 candidates, there will be 60 candidates.

-How did you meet the mutual accusations on agent issue inside the opposition party?

- Indeed these are not a criticism, but truth. We told this truth in time, but they confirm it now. When we said that there were Iranian, Russian emissaries in the political parties, all of them protested us. Isa Gambar confirmed our ideas 10 years later. Isa Gambar had a direct role in split of Popular Front. In 1990s, different special services inculcated their emissaries to the political parties and now those persons are the party leaders. They are working for those intelligence services now and are funded by them.

-This is a political offence to work for foreign services. Why law-enforcement agencies don’t take measures against those persons?

-Of course the law-enforcement agencies are investigating it. But this issue should be based on the facts. But according to the laws, those persons should be established guilt while receiving financial assistance. Ruslan Bashirli was detained when he was receiving money from the Armenian to create unrests in Azerbaijan.

-Would the law on the status of ex-presidents be implemented regarding Abulfaz Elchibey?

-The law is not adopted for the individuals. We included this issue in the Constitution. There is a draft law on the status of ex-presidents on the parliament agenda and it will be adopted. It is in elaboration process now. We will use the EU experience, as well as Azerbaijan’s experience to determine who can receive the status of ex-president. The law will be implemented regarding the persons who couldn’t end the office because of health problems, death or other reasons. But those people who abused the office, left the people face to-face with threats and escaped can not receive the status. It is so in the world’s practice as well.

-How do you value the statements of government officials to liberate the occupied territories by the military way? Should our army to prepare for the war?

-Our army is ready for the war because there is a ceasefire, but not peace now and the battles can be re-started every minute. Azerbaijani army is the strongest among post-soviet countries except several of them.

-Is it high time to start military operations?

This process is close. It will be unavoidable if Armenia doesn’t take necessary actions. But peace talks are going on and if they don’t bring any result we will liberate our lands by the military way.

-Does it need to schedule concrete time for the peace talks?

- Of course. Armenia avoids the negotiations every time and involves Azerbaijan in the military way of liberation. The misleading position of Armenian will lead to the break of ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity by the military way.