USAN Secretary General: We support Presidential candidates who favor the settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict within Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity

USAN Secretary General: We support Presidential candidates who favor the settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict within Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity
# 14 February 2008 13:05 (UTC +04:00)
Yesterday USAN left one month behind. Which achievements do you gain in this term?
First month of USAN activity was very productive. One of our aims was to direct US President, congressmen, Senates, governors’ attention to Azerbaijanis living in US. Azerbaijanis living in US can send letters to US officials, using system of USAN. About 8,800 letters, faxes and electronic letters were sent to US officials by now. The letters were sent to US President, vice-President, governors, State Secretaries, members of Lower and Upper Houses and mass media. The letters covers 18th anniversary of 20 January tragedy, Doubling contingent of Azerbaijani peacekeepers in Afghanistan, Khojali genocide, World Bank’s statement on economic indicators in Azerbaijan, calling congressmen to join Work Group on Azerbaijan, Jews’ living with local population in peace in Azerbaijan, realities of 1988 Sumgait events, negative reaction of US Azerbaijanis to Democratic candidate Barack Obama’s report and other important issues. US officials have already stated their position on these issues. There were various responses from US officials on Khojali genocide, 20 January tragedy, religious and ethnic tolerance in Azerbaijan. The project expends gradually and number of a lot US Azerbaijanis joined this network. Our aim is to in crease number of letters by 100,000 and number of network members by 5,000.
Can we say that USAN will be virtual movement center of US Azerbaijanis?

Armenian Diaspora uses above-said system very successfully. Turkish Diaspora has begun to use this system recently and Turkish Diaspora had a great influence on US officials by the help of this step. We are optimistic about the project. Our aim is not to inform US officials about Azerbaijanis’ position. USAN’s aim is to improve Azerbaijani community, involve every Azerbaijani who represents our national interests in this issue. Tomris Azeri, board director of USAN and the president of Azerbaijan Society of America (ASA), a 50-year old leading Azerbaijani-American Diaspora organization, Jeyhun Mollazadeh, head of US-Azerbaijan Entrepreneurs Council, Doctor of Philosophy, Javid Huseynov, President of the Azerbaijani-American Council and USAZeris network on Western region, Leyla Mammadova, President of network on Eastern region, Badir Mammadli, director of organization on financial affairs, Adil Bagirov, director of network, author of website on Azerbaijan, as well as author of articles on Azerbaijan’s history and realities of Nagorno Karabakh admit in Managing Board of our organization. I believe that, these persons, who informed the world about realities of Azerbaijan, promoted national interests and never lost courage will play an important role in expansion of USAN’s activity and establishment of great Diaspora organization.
USAN Diaspora supported concrete presidential candidates in USA this year. How did your action help the recognition of Azerbaijanis in political world of US?
We have aim in the support of Republican candidate for US presidency John McCain and Democrat Hillary Clinton. It is clear that, it is early to speak about the influence of US Azerbaijanis on outcomes of 2008 presidential elections in this stage. Several months are left for outcomes of primaries of candidates and final elections in November. It is not accidental that, USAN launched its operation on the very time. We support presidential candidates who favor the settlement of Nagorno Karabakh conflict within Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

Which measures will you take to involve US Azerbaijanis in election process?
We have already begun to involve US Azerbaijanis in election process. We analyze which candidates will have positive influence on the development of Azerbaijan-Us relations at present. We will answer the questions of Azerbaijanis in the events will be organized by USAN, Azerbaijan Society of America (ASA) and Azerbaijan American Council (AAC).I want to state that, USAN is a new step in the history of Azerbaijani Diaspora and it is only the beginning. It will have its fruits soon.