100 000 protesters participate in Russian opposition’s rally – REPORT – PHOTOSESSION

100 000 protesters participate in Russian opposition’s rally – <font color=red>REPORT – PHOTOSESSION  </font>
# 04 February 2012 14:00 (UTC +04:00)
APA’s Moscow correspondent reports from the site that Russian opposition, which protests the results of parliamentary elections held on December 4, 2011, could assemble more than 100 000 people to Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square.

The rally participants marched to Bolotnaya Square from “Bolshaya Yakimanka” street situated near “Oktyabrski” metro. The participants were marching with placards with writings “Russia without Putin”, “Go away from Kremlin”, “None of votes to Putin”, “For honest elections”, at the same time “Russia for Russians”.

The supporters of Communist Party, “Yabloko” Party, businessman Mikhail Prokhorov and Russian opposition’s leaders Vladimir Rijkov, Boris Nemtsov, Gennady Gudkov and Sergey Parkhomenko were among the rally participants. Besides, former finance minister Aleksey Kudrin also participated in the rally. The sexual minorities also attended the rally.
Opposition’s leader Rijkov said that despite cold weather, more than 100 000 people participated in the rally. According to him, 14 000 people participated in the rally of Putin’s supporter’s held in the place named “Poklonnaya Gora”. Opposition leader said that the rally would be finished quickly because of frosty weather. He called Putin to resign: “The Kremlin must be cleaned from Putin’s team. We demand the democratic elections. It is high time for Russians to live in the democratic country”. The other opposition leaders also called the current government to resign.

The supporters of presidential candidate, businessman Mikhail Prokhorov assembled separately from the rally site. Prokhorov also participated in that rally.

Moscow police tightened security measures today due to the rally. Moscow police controlled the rally with helicopters. More than 10 000 police officers were involved in security of the rally.