Egyptians oppose US on Palestine, Syria

Egyptians oppose US on Palestine, Syria
# 11 August 2013 00:51 (UTC +04:00)
“The Egyptian people have been fairly clear about some very fundamental things in the course of their two-and-half year now ongoing revolution,” said Don DeBar in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday.

“One thing is that they stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and they want their government to reflect that,” explained DeBar.

“They stand with the people of Syria as well against the United States,” he added.

DeBar also said that since the ouster of former dictator Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian people’s position on these two points has been a major factor “in any of the offered political constructs including the elected President Mohammed Morsi who sided with the United States on both issues against the Egyptian people.”

In an article on Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported how anti-US sentiment is ramping up across a broad range of factions in Egypt.

Moreover, people in Egypt expressed their anger on social networking websites in response to the likely nomination of Robert Ford for US ambassador to Egypt.

Egyptian media referred to Ford as the “Ambassador of Death” as he allegedly ran “death squads” in Iraq.

DeBar told Press TV that the military that toppled Morsi “still stands with the US” and “there’s going to be a day, soon I think, when all of that comes to a head and the military itself, or the leadership of the military itself, is swept away and the Egyptian people actualize the things they’ve been demanding for the last several years.”