Turkic states continue search-rescue works in Türkiye's quake area

Turkic states continue search-rescue works in Türkiye
# 13 February 2023 16:39 (UTC +04:00)

Turkic states continue search-rescue works in the quake area of Türkiye, APA reports.

Since the day of the earthquakes, the Turkic states have not only sent humanitarian aid to Türkiye but also mobilized search-rescue teams to the country.

Azerbaijan is the country that has sent the most search-rescue team to the fraternal country. A team of 899 people is currently working in the quake area. Humanitarian aid are also sent to Türkiye from all over the country.

Uzbekistan provided support to the disaster relief work in the earthquake area with a 100-member search-rescue team, special vehicles, and equipment, as well as 2 planes carrying humanitarian aid materials. So far, the search-rescue team has rescued 16 people from the rubble.

Since the first days of the earthquake, Kazakhstan has also shown its support for Türkiye. President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev instructed the allocation of emergency aid worth $1 million to eliminate the consequences of the earthquake that jolted Türkiye.

Kazakhstan has sent two search-rescue teams consisting of 41 and 56 people.

Kyrgyz government also has started an aid campaign for earthquakes that occurred in Türkiye, since the first day. Officials and employees of the Kyrgyz Presidium donated their one-day earnings to the aid campaign organized for earthquake victims in Türkiye.

Under the instruction of the government, a group of 63 people consisting of search-rescue employees, medical workers, and psychologists left for Türkiye. As well as aid campaigns for those affected by the quake have started.

Turkmenistan dispatched a plane carrying a search-rescue group consisting of 10 doctors and medical equipment and humanitarian aid to Türkiye.

The Hungarian government and people demonstrated support for Türkiye with search-rescue groups and humanitarian aid immediately after the quake. So far, 156 Hungarian specialists and 28 search dogs attended the search-rescue operations in the quake-hit area.

From the first day of the earthquake, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus sent a search and rescue team of 30 people with 8 vehicles to Türkiye. Currently, there is a 100-person staff in the region.

At the same time, due to the tragedy, Northern Cyprus declared 7-days of national mourning.

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