Iran issued diplomatic note to Greece-UPDATED

Iran issued diplomatic note to Greece-UPDATED
# 25 May 2022 21:35 (UTC +04:00)

The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday summoned the Greek charge d’affaires in Tehran to protest the seizure of an Iranian-flagged ship in Greece’s territorial waters, APA's Tehran bureau reports.

The ministry described the seizure as “an example of international banditry.”

“Iran Islamic Republic is following the incumbent legal procedures on the and expects the Greek government to fulfill its international obligations, ”the statement said.



The Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization commented on Greece's actions to detain a vessel flying the Iranian flag and seize its cargo, APA's Tehran bureau reports.

The move was maritime piracy, the organization said.

Reported that the vehicle took refuge off the coast of Greece to ensure the safety of personnel and the vessel.

The statement calls on the Greek government to immediately fulfill its international obligations.

“The ship went ashore to ensure the safety of the personnel and itself. The Greek government, unfortunately, did not cooperate and did not help the ship. The military evacuated the cargo, which is a clear example of piracy,” the statement said.

The statement said the ship encountered adverse weather conditions.

"In accordance with international and technical rules and standards, ships in a safe position in need of assistance should be transferred to a safe port by the country closest to the coast, with subsequent repairs and continuation of the journey after the danger has been eliminated. The Iranian Ports Organization said that as of yesterday evening, claiming that it was a court verdict, the ship's cargo had been confiscated, the Americans had unloaded the ship's cargo, and called on the Greek government to put an end to its actions, "the statement said.

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