State Department: US welcomes ceasefire in Syria's Idlib De-Escalation Zone

State Department: US welcomes ceasefire in Syria
# 04 August 2019 10:29 (UTC +04:00)

The United States welcomes the ceasefire in Idlib de-escalation zone in northwestern Syria and calls for action to end attacks on civilians and infrastructure, US State Department said in a statement on Saturday, APA reports citing USA Today.

"The United States welcomes news that a ceasefire has been declared in Northwest Syria, but what is truly important is that attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure must stop. We will appreciate any efforts undertaken towards this important goal", the statement says.

The department also noted that it appreciated the efforts of Turkey and Russia in this matter.

"We commend efforts by Turkey and Russia working together to restore the cease fire they agreed in Sochi in September 2018. We also commend the UN Secretary-General for his personal engagement in the Idlib tragedy, including by establishing a Board of Inquiry on the Idlibsituation from September 2018 forward", it said.

The state department stressed that a military solution to the conflict in Syria did not exist and that it was necessary to continue negotiations at international venues, including Geneva.