Can humans be infected with bunyavirus that has spread in Azerbaijan? - ANALYSIS

Can humans be infected with bunyavirus that has spread in Azerbaijan? - <span style="color: red;">ANALYSIS
# 10 September 2013 16:27 (UTC +04:00)

In order to prevent the spread of this virus and its transmission to humans, people should be warned: “Unfortunately, neither the Ministry of Health nor the State Veterinary Service admits our facts. As a result of studies, we have learnt that in 2009-2010, 171 people in Hubei and Henan provinces of China were infected with this virus and 36 of them died. They say that humans are not infected with this virus and ignore our facts. Nothing is done in this regard. They don’t admit the fact that China has had a similar case. The World Health Organization has also issued a statement on the fact of human infection in China. It would be good if this fact is studied by the Ministry of Health.”

The expert stressed that in fact, it is a very dangerous disease: “Actually, this virus is transmitted by blood, but humans can be infected with this virus ordinarily. Though cattle are going to recover, it does not mean that the virus leaves the body of animals completely. After a while, if there is a favorable environment, the disease can spread again.”

Head of the State Veterinary Service’s section for epidemiological surveillance and treatment on special dangerous diseases Kliment Asadov told APA that there than more hundred viruses related to bunyavirus family: “The virus that has spread among cattle in Azerbaijan is not the similar with Chinese virus. We don’t deny that these viruses can be transmitted to humans, but the virus spread in Azerbaijan is a mixture of three kinds of viruses that can not be transmitted to humans.”

Head of Republican Anti Plague Station under the Ministry of Health Ragif Abdullayev told APA that no fact on transfer of bunyavirus from animal to human was recorded in the world up to this day: “I have not met this fact. Such a disease was observed in one of the foreign countries, but in the absence of any permeability, its origin has not been studied. We have not received any information about human infection with this virus. We have not revealed such a fact”.

Program coordinator of the World Health Organization for Azerbaijan Elkhan Gasimov told APA that they had not received any information regarding the infection of human with bunyavirus: ‘We have not received such information, so far. It is impossible to be infected with samonda, aina and akabene viruses belonging to bunyavirus family. I am not familiar with the statement of the WHO on this disease in China”.

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