Wedding ceremonies allowed in Azerbaijan from today

Wedding ceremonies allowed in Azerbaijan from today
# 01 July 2021 00:00 (UTC +04:00)

Organization of festivities, as well as weddings is allowed in Azerbaijan from today, APA reports.

Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a decision on allowing the organization of festivities (wedding, engagement, birthday parties, etc.) from July 1, 2021.

Festivities should be organized by taking into consideration certain terms.

Participation of people over 18 in festivities, organized among 50-150 people, should only be allowed on the case of fully vaccination against COVID-19 or owning a document (COVID-19 passport) confirming recovery from COVID-19 and having immunity, and the requirement of mandatory use of masks, which protect respiratory system, is abolished for guests participating in festivities.

According to Decision #151 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated May 26, 2021, a COVID-19 passport is mandatory for 80% of personnel (including temporarily involved workers) of places, where a COVID-19 passport will be required from July 1, 2021 (Vaccination certificate, which shows receiving first dose until August 1, is accepted). Use of masks, gloves, and other individual protective means by personnel, delivering service in festivities (excepting musicians) is mandatory.

Information on event halls, their capacity, and personnel (including temporarily involved workers) should be entered into the relevant portal ( ) by the owner of the place or institution of the festivity.

Portal was activated from June 26, 2021, for entering the relevant information.

Date, beginning and end time (not late than 12:00 a.m.), number of guests should be entered into the portal at least 5 days until the festivity. Organization of festivities, which has not been registered and on which relevant information has not been included in the portal, is prohibited.

A commitment should be signed between owners of festivity and place on joint responsibility regarding following special quarantine rules during organization and holding festivities. Owners of festivity and place will bear joint responsibility for violation of determined requirements.

According to the Decision, festivities with participation of people less than 50 is allowed relevant to requirements determined in the “Methodical instruction on the prevention of coronavirus infection in public catering facilities” (keeping a requirement of use of individual protective means for the respiratory system) and presentation of COVID-19 passport is not required for participation in these festivities.

Organization of festivities with more than 150 people is banned until the adoption of the next decision on softening restrictions.

Regular monitorings will be conducted in festivities with the participation of 50-150 people to provide control on the management of coronavirus infection, besides monitorings of public catering facilities.