Azerbaijani MP: I believe that we will return to Zangazur, Goycha in the near future

Aziz Alakbarov, chairman of the Board of Western Azerbaijan Community

© APA | Aziz Alakbarov, chairman of the Board of Western Azerbaijan Community

# 30 December 2022 11:51 (UTC +04:00)

'"A few days ago, Azerbaijan and the world community witnessed the next decisive step of President Ilham Aliyev," said MP Aziz Alakbarov, chairman of the Board of Western Azerbaijan Community, APA reports.

The deputy said that the West Azerbaijan Community was established on August 3 this year at the base of the Azerbaijan Refugee Society, which has been operating since 1989: "Structures such as Supervisor Council, Council of Elders, Council of intellectuals, Board of Directors, Control-Inspection Commission, Youth Union, representations in foreign countries operate in the community. More than 400 specialists, intellectuals, and scientists gathered in these structures. The chairman of the community, two vice-chairmen, the chairman of the Council of Elders, the chairman of the Women's Council, the deputy chairman of the Council of Intellectuals, the chairman and deputy chairman of the Youth Union, the deputy chairman of the Control-Inspection Commission are MPs. The purpose of the Western Azerbaijani Community is to internationally restore the rights of Azerbaijanis and their heirs who were deported from the territory of present-day Armenia due to their ethnic affiliation as a result of Armenian terrorism in the last two centuries, and those whose rights and freedoms have been violated, subjected to violence and deprivation, and is to convey the truths about the historical crimes committed against ethnic Azerbaijanis to the world community, is to bring the Armenian nationalists who committed these crimes and the Republic of Armenia, which is the current successor of the Armenian SSR, to responsibility at the international level. Our main goal is to ensure the right of our refugees to return to their ancestral homes. Tomorrow is the International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis. On this occasion, I congratulate everyone on behalf of the West Azerbaijan Community. I believe that the national solidarity we demonstrated in the 44-day war will also be demonstrated in the struggle for our historical lands, and in the near future we will return to Zangezur, Goyche, and Yerevan".