Azerbaijan creates UAV which can be used for reconnaissance and kamikaze purposes

Azerbaijan creates UAV which can be used for reconnaissance and kamikaze purposes
# 01 July 2021 12:33 (UTC +04:00)

A selection competition to incubator residency has been held in order to support startups that are at a stage of initial development within the framework of business incubation program in High Technologies Park of ANAS, High Technologies Park told APA.

"GOZ - N1" Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) project of Head of an independent project Nadir Babakhanov has been a winner of the competition.

It has been noted in the information that the "GOZ - N1" project, which makes up a new direction in the drone industry, is different as it is compact, easy to use, and completely modular. Its use in any weather condition will make it superior to other UAVs. System and software, which have especially been prepared for video and management panel, will allow changing camera and management panel depending on the instruction.

With the special shape and aerodynamics of the “GOZ-N1” it will be possible to bring it to flight mode in any area for 30 seconds. Compact size of the drone will not create any difficulty during transportation.

This drone weighs 2.5 kg and measures 330x120 mm in the assembled form and 330x360 mm in the open form, depending on the task, will be able to fly at a distance of 3-10 km at an altitude of 4700 m at a speed of 25 m / s for 45-55 minutes.

It will be possible to use “GOZ-N1” in the military industry as a reconnaissance, repeater, suicide bomber, to find the exact coordinates of the enemy's artillery or units.

During emergency situations, due to its compactness and ability to fly in any area, this drone will have invaluable qualities in terms of speed and efficiency. A special fire extinguishing agent may be used in a place where it is difficult to cross and for the safety of employees. It can be used as a coordinate sign for the rescue team in mountainous areas and in areas destroyed by an earthquake.

Geologists can use this drone to fly over excavations and take general photos and videos in the field of geology and zoology. Zoologists can use the "watch" command by pointing the drone's camera to the live point to easily observe the animals.

For the purpose of protection, “GOZ-N1” may perform the function of a security camera with a wide coverage area. IT will be beneficial for use in order to ensure safety with aerial observation in the events, as well as to follow criminals in any conditions.