Azerbaijan Children Hotline released its report for 2021 -PHOTO

Azerbaijan Children Hotline released its report for 2021  -PHOTO
# 25 January 2022 16:02 (UTC +04:00)

“Azerbaijan Children Hotline” service, operating for more than eleven years under mutual cooperation of “Azercell Telecom” LLC, UNICEF Azerbaijan, and “Reliable Future” Social Initiative Public Union has assisted the children with various problems since its inception, Azercell told APA-Economics.

The overall number of inquiries received by the service during those years is above 53000 unique cases.

In order to discuss the present status of cooperation established over the years and define further perspectives of successful partnership, a meeting was held between the Sona Abbasova, Director of the Corporate Communications Department of “Azercell Telecom” LLC, Nigar Shikhlinskaya, Director of Media Relations of “Azercell Telecom” LLC, Kamala Ashumova, the Executive Director of “Reliable Future” Social Initiative Public Union and Nabil Seyidov, the Chairman of “Reliable Future” Social Initiative Public Union. The participants discussed the plans and exchanged views on cooperation in different areas. At the end of the meeting, “Azercell Telecom” LLC was awarded a Certificate of Honor by “Reliable Future” Social Initiative Public Union for its long-term contribution and cooperation in protecting children's rights via supporting the “Azerbaijan Children Hotline” service.

The report by “Azerbaijan Children Hotline” reveals that the service received about 5300 appeals for the solution of various issues during the year of 2021. 1471 queries were educational problems related, 1036 required legal assistance, 822 applies due to various psychological problems, while 606 calls were health and 501 social and other issues related. Those applied for the support were served both over the phone, as well as receiving individual and group therapies upon request. There were also 414 complaints about psychological and physical forms of domestic violence. Regarding these particular inquiries, the service extended its assistance to certain families and relevant legal assistance was provided.

In 2021, the centre sent 364 letters in general to various organizations in order to investigate the inquiries incoming to the hotline and provide further support. Aiming at detailed inspection of the certain cases, 81 families were invited to the centre, and 263 social and psychological rehabilitation initiatives were carried out with their children. For urgent response to the calls, emergency visits were organized to several families and schools.

It is worth noting that, the service coverage of the Children's Hotline is not limited with just answering the calls. The Children’s Hotline service staff conducts various educating initiatives every year in order to raise public awareness and ensure accessibility for children and teenagers. In total, more than 1,500 children were involved in awareness-raising activities during the year.

The service can be reached any time of the day dialling short number 116-111, via mobile numbers +994 50 680 22 80; +994 51 580 22 80; +994 51 880 11 80; +994 51 880 22 80, also via e-mail: [email protected], Facebook and Instagram, live chat on the website of the center or mobile application “uşaqqaynarxetti”.

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