Safura Alizadeh: It is my biggest wish to return to my Motherland with victory – INTERVIEW – PHOTOSESSION

Safura Alizadeh: It is my biggest wish to return to my Motherland with victory – <font color=red> INTERVIEW – PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 26 May 2010 12:40 (UTC +04:00)
Oslo. Ulkar Gasimova – APA. Azerbaijan’s representative to Eurovision-2010 Song Contest Safura Alizadeh interviewed by APA’s correspondent in Norway

-Tomorrow you will perform in the second semifinal of the Eurovision-2010. How do you feel before the semifinal?

-I feel very well. Everything is OK, there is no problem. I am glad that the rehearsal is very interesting. I feel very well on the stage in every rehearsal. I feel fine as the stage has been prepared perfectly.

-We know that it was one of your biggest wishes to participate in Eurovision. You are in this contest and inside the processes of this contest. Has there been anything that upset your dreams?

-I have always wished to represent my Motherland in a number of foreign competitions. Three years ago when Azerbaijan first participated in Eurovision I set a goal to participate in this contest. I am a very strong person, so far I have reached every goal that I set.

-In the national selections for Eurovision-2010 you said you would represent Azerbaijan in the contest. You said your heart never deceives you. Now you wish to win the contest. Doesn’t your hart deceive you?

-When for the first time I participated in the national selection I set a goal that if I am selected, Azerbaijan should win. I want to keep my promise and am ready to every hard competition.

-Your dossier was confirmed by the foreign and local televisions, as well as Internet sources, but there are a lot of people who don’t believe that you are at 17. Is it connected with your stage performance or your vocal diapason?

-This is frequently asked question. It is motivated by my performance and vocal diapason. Many people say that “you are like veteran”. This is interesting fact. If they accept me as a veteran singer at my young age, this is my success. The people tell me that they don’t witness any unpleasant action during my performance and behavior in the society.

-You heard all participants. Which of them you consider as a rival?

-I heard all songs, but I don’t think that someone can leave me behind. I am thinking only about my performance. I want to represent my country worthily. I think I am quite strong rival for everyone.

-You are one of the favorites. Is it increasing your self-confidence? Will be there any special intentions if you win?

-I am happy to be a favorite before the competition. The self-confidence is one of the ways leading to the victory. It increases responsibility. No, I don’t think about my future plans if I win. What I am thinking about is to win in this competition. I want to win only.

-You completely organize yourself for the victory…

-I don’t organize myself for the victory, but I want to be a winner. I am telling it repeatedly that it will be so. We are hard working together with all team. I believe we deserve the victory.

-You are known in Europe. Do you receive offers from the different countries?

-Of course, there are a lot of offers, but I have no time to learn them. My album will be released in Sweden on June 17. We have cooperation agreement on that.

-Usually, some changes appear in the characters of persons participating in such international and famous contests, especially after the victory. Will anything change in your character if you win the victory?

- This question is addressed to me since “Yeni Ulduz” (New Star) contest. At that time, they used to say that, if I win the victory, I will be bucked. Then they refuted their own word, because it was not so. If my character has not changed up to now, then I do not suppose that Eurovision victory will change my character.

-There are such opinions on that Azerbaijan has confirmed its victory at the final. Do such opinions cause changes in your mood?

- Generally, I don not pay attention to such groundless opinions and rumors. I do not give opportunity to such cases to deject my spirit. Such opinions do not have any affirmation and the only thing I want is to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision-2010 stage decently.

-From which countries do you wait 12 points after you win card for final?

- Tell the truth, I wait 12 points from all countries. I want it ex animo. If my song is favorite at the contest, then what’s wrong with it? Anyhow, not only me, but also the whole Azerbaijani nation wants it. Each victory is related to Azerbaijan.

-Are there any representatives of other countries, who you are on friendly terms with?

- I get on well with most of them. We have sympathy to each other and we wish success to one another each time we meet. We have positive ties with representative of Turkey, Georgia, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries and I hope that these relations will continue after the contest too.

-What do you want to say to Azerbaijani nation a day before your performance in front of European nation at Telenor Arena?

- Simply, support me! I need your support, because together with you I feel myself more confident. I will do my best to win the victory for Azerbaijan. To return to homeland with victory is my biggest wish…