Azerbaijan’s parliament to adopt decision and statement on Khojaly genocide tomorrow

Azerbaijan’s parliament to adopt decision and statement on Khojaly genocide tomorrow
# 26 February 2007 17:33 (UTC +04:00)
The debate covered statement worked out by the parliament’s commission established for Khojaly genocide and draft decisions. The statement considers legal estimation of Khojaly genocide in the world, stresses the importance of finding the ideologists and organizers of the tragedy. Azerbaijani parliament appealed to all international organizations, as well as OSCE, Council of Europe, European Union, CIS and world countries for recognition of the genocide.
Draft decisions state that the attack to Khojaly was led by the commanders of the USSR’s 366th Motor Rifle Regiment Seyran Ohoyan, Yevgeni Nobakixa and staff Chief Valeri Chitchyan.
“Seyran Ohoyan who was major then, now promoted to general and is defense minister of the “Nagorno Karabakh Republic�.�
The document notes that the parliamentarians should propagandize truths about the Khojaly genocide. The project envisages establishment of Information-Researches Center under the parliament to gather materials about Armenian aggression, committed acts of genocide in Azerbaijani regions, Khojaly genocide.
Law enforcement bodies should strengthen measures to identify the persons participated in committing the Khojaly genocide and holding the criminals accountable. State organizations and NGOs should be recommended to unite efforts on spreading information about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and expose false Armenian propaganda,�
The parliamentarians made a number of proposals during the debate. They expressed protest against not mentioning Armenia’s President Robert Kocharian’s name as the main participant of Khojaly genocide in the documents adopted by the Azerbaijani parliament. The parliamentarians wanted Arkadi Gukasyan’s, Robert Kocharian’s and Zori Balayan’s names to be included in the adopted documents.
Some parliamentarians proposed to establish Khojaly museum, Committee for Recognition of the Genocide and find ways for bringing offenders to international court.
The parliament’s statement and decision on Khojaly genocide will be adopted in tomorrow’s sitting. /APA/

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