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Planning and its importance  - <span style="color: red;">OPINION
# 03 June 2016 10:29 (UTC +04:00)

Samaya Mammadova, Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan


“Everything should be measured gradually and step by step. Otherwise, final would be in the beginning or the beginning would be at the end.”


Since my childhood, there is a sentence that I have been repeatedly hearing by my parents: “ Try to do everything in a planned way  in order to  make your works perform properly and save your time”.


Actually, the person, who is basically able to organize his works accurately and manage the time decently, is called as a tidy person. When I was studying in Newcastle University located in England at the faculty of Public and Media Affairs, I took several courses based on planning PR projects and managing time schedule efficiently. When My instructor, Laurel Hetherington, was speaking about planning and time management, always called this process as the fundamental or basis of project and was specifically requiring us to ask a number of questions ourselves before starting to plan:

  •  Has the general circumstance, particularly, the issue itself been analyzed?
  • Has there been a research and investigation to increase the attention towards the issue?
  • What do I want to achieve? What are my goals? Whom do I want to talk with? Who are my advocates and audience?
  • What do I want to say? What is the idea of topic that I will be working on?
  • How will I deliver it to the audience? What are the major techniques that I use?
  • How will I know that I achieved? How will be the evaluation process?

The publicity of the 1st Global Forum initiated by The Ministry of Youth and Sport and United Nations cooperatively was my initial experience about this particular topic in 2014 in Baku. I perceived that how planning and time management is extremely significant while I was working on this certain project. Likewise, I started the work with the aid of summing the experience of years, knowledge that I obtained in the university and finally, the book called “Organization and Management of PR campaigns” written by Anne Gregory that I am always carrying with me.


The first step that I took initially was to determine and perceive the essence of project. Taking into consideration the fact that there would be more than 700 participants from 160 countries throughout the world, it was sufficient to understand how the project was necessary globally.


Obviously, I could not write everything in a detailed way. Yet, I will briefly to deliver the issue of time management and planning in order to make concepts more understandable and clear for you.

Thus, the following steps were the determination of audience, writing down things, which are supposed to be done in the future, on paper, and finally, defining how and when to demonstrate them in front of the public. Apparent description of following works would have important role in fitting things in relevant and accurate order during planning.


According to PR specialist, Anne Gregory, proper distribution of time is one of the most underlying factors in planning process. Moreover, the distribution of time is sufficiently integral to deliver the idea to society depending on whether the project is long-term or short-term. Necessary tools of planning, which are basically are press release, interview, disclosures, briefing, press conferences, invitations, photo and video tours, are quite helpful to assess the coming steps correctly and to convey message to target audience at appropriate time. It is inevitable fact that frequent demonstration of information can annoy the audience; nevertheless, rare demonstration can lead to forgetfullness. So, it is enough to comprehend the general condition and to look into the eyes of public to identify what they want and when.


Majority of PR specialists consider the following order while speaking about necessary tools of planning:

  • Analysis
  • Objective
  • Assignments
  • Partners and audience
  •  Topic
  • Strategy
  • Tactic
  • Time schedule
  • Resources
  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation
  • Overview

I would like to specifically highlight that proper executions of points shown above and solving number of problems at the right moment that usually occur during the project, are key indicators of the way to success.

Gantt’s schedule has been one of the effective assistants to initiate the PR strategy over youth policy of the first global forum successfully. Before creating the schedule, itself, I have worked with the things that are supposed to be done during project and the other factors that indicated above.

  • Learning and analyzing the essence of project
  • Making a list of press representatives
  • Creating press pack
  • Press releases
  • Obtaining different perspectives by ministers, deputy ministers, official representatives from different countries and their anticipations about the forum in Baku
  • Briefings
  • Press conferences
  • Distribution of time
  • Photo
  • Speeches
  • Invitations
  • Trainings
  • Designing the places where the meetings and press conferences will take place

Media specialist, Grill Bronston notes that you have to make sure that you have all the necessary resources to deliver the PR project to the public. “Tools and technique should complement each other to convey the message accurately”.

Consequently, here is the example of schedule to make this particular concept clearer and more understandable:

Grill’s schedule:


















The anaylsis and investigation of topic















Creating media pack including (press release, briefings, press conference, photo and video tours”















Making a list of partners whom will be worked with during the publicity of project















Preparation of place















Creating main thesises and press releases















Preparing speech















Creating little info for media representatives and sending invitations for the first press conference















Organizing the first press conference















Monitoring about the final inferences about press conferene















Preparing subsequent press release or interview with someone, who is main figure of the project and sending it to media
















Time is gold and you feel it, especially while you are working. Mismanagement of time or distributing the time improperly looks like failure of delivering one of the extremely important details at the right moment and to the right address. And this can lead to a huge gap even in perfect projects and, consequently, will make the work incomplete.




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