Russian MFA comments on reports regarding Moscow's pressure on Yerevan due to Zangazur Corridor

Russian MFA comments on reports regarding Moscow
# 15 November 2023 19:42 (UTC +04:00)

Maria Zakharova, Spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has commented on reports regarding Russia's pressure on Yerevan due to Zangazur Corridor, APA's Moscow correspondent reports.

At a briefing she held today, Zakharova called the statements of the Armenian side an 'insinuation" and stated that Moscow is tired of this.

Russian MFA Spokesperson noted that her country does not use the term Zangazur Corridor:

"Firstly, when talking about it, we say the route linking Azerbaijan with Nakhchivan, passing through the Syunik Province of Armenia. Secondly, they say that Russia is putting pressure. I don't understand who puts pressure on who. Maybe they have facts?! Then let them present. We are not in favor of the creation of some route, we are in favor of the complete opening of economic and transport communications of the South Caucasus. We are in favor of it happening under transparent, mutually beneficial conditions. This is not just a work, it's a work. Such work is carried out within the framework of the Trilateral Working Group, co-chaired by the Deputy Prime Ministers. Do they not know about this in Yerevan? Has the activity of the Trilateral Working Group ever caused complaints in Armenia? Never! Because this work is equal. Thirdly, a strong understanding was reached in the Trilateral Working Group regarding countries having sovereignty and jurisdiction over transport routes passing through their territories. There was never any talk of creating extraterritorial corridors. This is well known to the Armenian side. Fourthly, the Trilateral Working Group conducts its activities on the basis of known trilateral agreements of the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. What is mentioned there? It clearly mentions the role of the border service of the Russian Federal Security Service in controlling the transport connection between Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan. This was discussed in detail in the last briefing. All this is not news for official Yerevan. Especially, the strong reaction of the Armenian MFA to our comment creates surprise. I would like to remind that the Russian border guards have been successfully protecting Armenia's borders with Türkiye and Iran for many years in accordance with relevant bilateral agreements," Russian MFA Spokesperson noted.