Israeli Ambassador in Azerbaijan: Time to demand Hamas to stop the violence and hate

Israeli Ambassador in Azerbaijan: Time to demand Hamas to stop the violence and hate
# 13 May 2021 16:23 (UTC +04:00)

The Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan George Deek wrote an article on the recent events in the Gaza Strip, APA preports.

The article reads:

"The siren went on in the Israeli city of Holon, warning of a rocket launched to that direction. A young mother walking with a baby stroller is seen on camera rushing to a nearby safe space. Less than 10 seconds later the rocket hits that very site, leading to 23 people injured. The mother and baby were found safe. Ten seconds saved their lives.

Israel is under attack, as Hamas fired thousands of rockets at Israeli communities. Hamas targeted residential areas in the entire central region of Israel, including Tel-Aviv. Iron Dome system has intercepted the majority of these rockets, however many rockets still hit civilian targets. Our families are living under the constant threat that if they won’t reach a shelter within 10 seconds, they might die. Unfortunately, seven innocent Israeli civilians lost their lives, including Ido Avigal, a little boy of 5 years old, who was in his bed when a Hamas rocket killed him.

As I saw these imagines, I was taken back to my visit to Ganja last October, a day after innocent Azerbaijani civilians were attacked in their beds by rockets in the middle of the night. I remember the devastation, the elders who became homeless and those kids who saw their school turn into rubbles. I particularly remember the heartbreaking encounter with the family of Artur Mayakov, a young kid who lost his life in Ganja while sleeping in his room.

No child should live like this, not in Ganja, not in Tel-Aviv and also not in Gaza. It is disheartening to see Hamas robbing the people of Gaza of the life they deserve. Hamas hides weapons in Gaza’s hospitals, launches rockets from schools, and uses the children of Gaza as human shields. It is time for the international community to condemn Hamas and send a clear message that hospitals are for healing, not for killing; schools are for students to learn, not for terrorists to launch rockets, and children are not human shields, they are our hope for the future.

Israel has taken many step to de-escalate the situation in Jerusalem, hoping to avoid unnecessary violence. Israel has always ensured the freedom of worship, including the right of Muslims to pray in Al-Aqsa mosque. We will continue to ensure that right regardless of Hamas incitement and hate, which brought young people to pile stones inside the Al-Aqsa mosque in order to riot and attack Israeli security forces, and despite Hamas’ attacks on Jerusalem itself with rockets endangering both Arab and Jewish residents of the city.

This escalation is a tragedy, because it is entirely unnecessary. It should not be happening. This is the time to demand Hamas to stop investing in terror and war. Hamas spends the vast majority of its budget on military expenditure, including making rockets and building terror tunnels into Israel in order to kill and kidnap Israelis. For the cost of each tunnel, Hamas could’ve built 86 homes, 7 mosques, 6 schools and 19 medical clinics for the people of Gaza.

Isn’t it outrageous, that those in charge of caring for the people of Gaza, invest their money in a culture of hate and violence? Imagine what could be achieved if instead, they would invest in peace. Imagine the incredible possibilities for our two peoples if we both, together, truly embrace a future of living together. Our future generations deserve the opportunity to coexist, prosper, and live full and happy lives in peace. For that to be possible, the terror and hate of Hamas must stop now."