Ambassador of Palestine to Azerbaijan issued a statement on the recent tension with Israel

Ambassador of Palestine to Azerbaijan issued a statement on the recent tension with Israel
# 18 May 2021 12:28 (UTC +04:00)

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Palestine to Azerbaijan Nasser Abdul Kareem Abdul Raheem has issued a statement on the recent tension with Israel, APA reports.

The statement reads: "Horrendous images have been emanating from Palestine recently where the world has been watching heartbreaking tragedy and monstrosity repeating itself in cyclical sickening familiarity

While the root cause of the ongoing conflagration sometimes gets mangled by some quarters in the media and the halls of power on the world stage, through the propagation of disingenuous and often distorted depiction of what’s happening as a war between Israel and Hamas initiated by Hamas and Israel’s typical cry wolf absurdly portraying itself as victim, whereas the glaring reality is a relentless, ruthless war of dispossession, ethnic cleansing, and extermination of culture and life is waged methodologically and progressively for decades by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Within this encompassing context, the latest dreadful round of mayhem launched by Israel was a premeditated act designed and engineered by Netanyahu and his ultra-right racist government for cynical political gains while serving their parochial ideological vision, starting with the systematic process of ethnically cleansing Sheikh Jarrah suburb in Jerusalem from its Palestinian indigenous inhabitants, and by repetitively storming Al-Aqsa Mosque in Ramadan holiest month in the Muslim calendar, along with the continuous hate speech by Netanyahu and his cohorts fanning a toxic environment of suspicion, bigotry and hatred.

The great world powers, specifically the US, which untiringly and faithfully provides the cover for Israel and bankroll it 4 billion dollars annually to maintain this perverse situation, need to stand true to what they preach to the rest of the world about human rights because the Palestinian people and the rest of the world are tired of hearing them repeat the hackneyed monotony of the right of Israel to defend itself when it starts killing Palestinians in mass, along with some hollow platitudes about Palestine, as if the Palestinian life and dignity is of less value, hence they have no right to defend themselves in the face of such brutality.

Israel is a colonial apartheid rogue regime by all standards, ensconced outside the realm and confines of international law, the occupying power of the longest occupation in modern human memory, as it continues its crimes against humanity in Palestine. The transparent truth is, no matter how much lipstick it smudges itself with to project itself as a pluralistic civilized state, that even within its internationally recognized parameters, all one needs to do is to look at its Nation-State law where only Jews have the right of self-determination in the country, meaning other components of its society don’t have that right, in other words, second-class citizens.

The status quo is in-sustainable; the Palestinian people have all the right to live in dignity in their own independent state with its capital Al-Quds (East Jerusalem). There is no way to have a comprehensive and long-lasting peace between an occupying state and occupied state other than the adherence to international law and relevant UN resolutions, which calls Israel to end its illegal occupation and to shed its institutionalized apartheid regime, only then the two peoples could live in lasting peace and tranquility in the holy land. Israel’s well-known friends need to get their act together by practicing what they sermonize to others, and lift the immunity shield to bring Israel to act as a normal state under the umbrella of international law."

Note that the statement does not reflect the position of APA Information Agency