Center for Strategic Studies holds presentation of book named “Azerbaijan-Turkey relations in last 20 years: successes and opportunities”

Center for Strategic Studies holds presentation of book named “Azerbaijan-Turkey relations in last 20 years: successes and opportunities”
# 25 January 2012 10:24 (UTC +04:00)
APA reports that the representatives of Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, Turkish businessmen, media representatives, Turkish ambassador in Azerbaijan Hulusi Kilic participated in the presentation.

In his speech, SCS Deputy Director Gulshan Pashayeva said that the French Senate’s last decision is contrary to the human rights. ATIB chairperson Fatima Aslan underlined that her organization has prepared publications directed to the development of Azerbaijan-Turkey relations: “In addition to the similar political interests, our countries have the same root, history and culture. The political, cultural, military, humanitarian spheres were deeply researched in our book”.

Chief of the political analysis and informational provision department of Azerbaijan’s Presidential Administration Elnur Aslanov said that the book was about the friendly and fraternal relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Aslanov also condemned the law adopted by the French Parliament: “The French Senate says that this law aims to protect the memory. Any memorial law shouldn’t have a discriminative character. Azerbaijan was, is and will be together with Turkey on this issue. Aslanov also spoke about the historical relations between the countries. He noted that Turkey closed the border with Armenia as a protest to the occupation of Azerbaijani lands: “It is an example of our union to the world. We will hear “We are all Azerbaijanis”, “We are all from Khojaly” slogans in Istanbul on occasion of the 20th anniversary of Khojaly genocide”. He highly assessed the relations with SCS and Turkish Center for Strategic Studies.

“The forces that show jealousy of Azerbaijan’s development must understand that Azerbaijan and Turkey will be together in the international arena. Azerbaijan supports Turkey in all issues. It expects and sees the same attitude from Turkey”.

Ambassador Hulusi Kilic said that the French Senate ignored the Khojaly massacre, occurred 20 years ago, and adopts a decision on unproved issue claimed to be 100 years ago. The Ambassador underlined that the relations between the countries were strengthening: “Those who lose Turkey will lose Azerbaijan, those who lose Azerbaijan will lose Turkey. Karabakh problem is also our problem and we want the rapid settlement of this conflict. The closing of borders with Armenia is an example of our fraternity. The borders will not be opened unless the problem is settled. Turkey is under pressure, but it will overcome it”.

Kilic noted that Azerbaijan and Turkey work jointly in the international platforms and support each other: “The foreign political policies of our countries are similar excluding the little differences”.

The ambassador also spoke about the economic projects implemented between the countries. He said that Azerbaijan rendered first aid during the Van quake”.