Azerbaijani parliament expresses protest against passage of resolution on “Armenian genocide” in U.S Congress

Azerbaijani parliament expresses protest against passage of resolution on “Armenian genocide” in U.S Congress
# 05 March 2010 10:49 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Elbrus Seyfullayev – APA. Today’s meeting of the Azerbaijani parliament began with the discussions concerning the passage of the “Armenian genocide” resolution in the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, APA reports. MP Igbal Agazadeh said that it would have negative influence on the developments in the region.
“Unfortunately, the parliaments of the world did not show similar attitude towards the Khojaly genocide,” he said.

MP Vahid Ahmadov said Azerbaijan faced serious problems in the solution to Nagorno Karabakh conflict. He said Azerbaijan should make serious corrections in its foreign policy.
“Even Georgia, which we declared our partner and offer assistances, establishes relations with Armenia. The policy that does not favor us is being pursued in the world. Instead of it, Turkey faces pressure for opening the borders with Armenia,” he said.

Yagub Mahmudov offered the parliament to issue a statement on the accepted decision.
“We should hold hearings and have our say. This is an unfair decision,” he said.

Panah Huseyn offered to prepare an urgent statement and condemn the decision.

Ganira Pashayeva said the resolution passed in the US was an insult against all Turks. She said the parliament should express its position on the issue.
“There is a video, fact of Khojaly. Why such a resolution is not accepted on this event? I call on other Turkic-speaking states to express their protest against it. No one should keep silence. We should regard this step as an insult,” she said.

Gudrat Hasanguliyev also expressed his protest: “We must recall our ambassador to US. US doesn’t appoint ambassador to Azerbaijan for a long time. It is an expedient policy. And we must have a say in the matter as a parliament. During Obama’s ruling attitude towards Islamic World will become worse”.

Zahid Oruj also offered to recall Azerbaijani ambassador for consulting.

First vice-speaker of the parliament also denounced the passed resolution: “US once again proved that right hasn’t power, but power has a right. Azerbaijani President was right while saying that we must rely on ourselves. Today I’ve read the speech of Chairman of the United States House of Representatives. He said that Turkey must report its past. And who will report the Iraq, Afghanistan, Karabakh victims? The world is ruled not by UN, but by some countries which consider themselves as a superpower. We must support our president and believe only in ourselves”.

Ogtay Asadov also spoke about the issue: “I don’t want to believe that US Congress is directed by Armenian lobby. I want to believe that US will not let Congress pass this resolution. We must establish right relations, we, and Turkish Parliament must explain the situation correctly. The main cause of the pressure on Turkey is connected with opening of borders with Armenia. The biggest Armenian lobbies are in US, France and Russia. We must work on this issue. Azerbaijan regards any decision against Turkey as a blow to its national position. I don’t believe that US may lose its supporters on lobby’s account. It can cause other results”.
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