Head of Turkish Center for Strategic Studies meets with Azerbaijani politicians - PHOTO

Head of Turkish Center for Strategic Studies meets with Azerbaijani politicians - <font color=red> PHOTO</font>
# 10 February 2010 15:37 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Lachin Sultanova-APA. Head of Turkish Center for Strategic Studies Jalal Jem Oguz met with Azerbaijani politicians at the Center of Strategic Studies under Azerbaijani President. Oguz delivered a speech on “Foreign policy of Turkey”, APA reports.

The expert compared incumbent Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Davudoglu with former counterpart Ismayil Jem, being on this post in 90th, and noted that their activities coincide with each other by 90%. He told that there isn’t a radical change in Turkish policy and that Turkish policy based on 3 principles. They are expansion of cooperation with Turkic World, Moslem World and the West. Oguz spoke about reasons why his country wants to join the Europe Union, the EU’s needs in this region, protocols on normalization of Turkey-Armenia relations. He noted that Turkey signed the protocols with Armenia under the pressure of the West, and the US has increased pressure on this lately: “Turkey has made two terms for opening borders with Armenia - Armenia has to stop its territorial claims against Turkey and put an end to Nagorno Karabakh conflict”.

Head of Center of Strategic Studies Elkhan Nuriyev noted that Ahmad Davudoglu’s appointment caused revolution in Turkey’s foreign policy. He spoke about its influence on Central Asia and South Caucasus.

Chief of Democratic Reforms Party Asim Mollazadeh noted that Russia is more interested in the opening of Turkey-Armenia borders than the West: “If the borders are opened, projects will not work, Georgia will be destroyed”. Touching upon the so-called “Armenian genocide”, Mollazadeh noted that if the US Congress recognizes it, the US itself will lose, but not Turkey.

Politicial scientist Vafa Guluzadeh told that he was surprised, when Turkish Prime Minister Racab Tayyib Erdogan wanted help from the NATO’s enemy Russia in construction of the nuclear power station in Turkey during his visit to Moscow.

Touching upon the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, Guluzadeh stated that OSCE Minsk Group doesn’t make efforts to resolve this conflict, the purpose is to split first Azerbaijan and then Turkey: “Turkey had to have its nuclear weapon so far. From this view point, Iran is on a right way”.