State budget incomes exceeds forecast by 11% in first half of 2011

State budget incomes exceeds forecast by 11% in first half of 2011
# 26 July 2011 13:35 (UTC +04:00)
According to information, the budget income made AZN 5610.8 mln, expenditure – AZN 4882.1 mln, budget surplus – AZN 728.7 mln. The budget income forecast was fulfilled by 110.9%, up AZN 552.6 mln from forecast, AZN 688.1 mln or 14.0% from year earlier.

Ministry of Taxes fulfilled the forecast by 125.3%. Ministry transferred AZN 2 bln 562.9 mln to the state budget, up AZN 559.1 mln or 27.9% from year ago. State Customs Committee fulfilled the forecast by 100.1% and transferred AZN 542.4 to state budget, up AZN 91.8 mln or 20.4% compared to a year earlier.

State Oil Fund has transferred AZN 2461.0 mln. AZN 44.5 mln came from other sources, up 3.3 times or AZN 31.2 mln from previous year.

Expenditures were fulfilled by deficit. Budget expenditure was fulfilled by 94.8%, up AZN 605.4 mln or 14.2% in comparison to a year earlier.

62.6% of budget expenditures were spent to the expenses during the same period, up 8.5% from year earlier.

AZN 1775.2 mln were directed to the capital expenditures, up 25.2% or AZN 357.7 mln. AZN 1 bln 348.0 mln of these expenditures went to capital investment, AZN 427.2 mln to expenses for purchase of main funds to budgetary organizations.

AZN 48.6 mln or 1.0% of state budget expenditures was spent to services on state debts, up 21.8% or AZN 8.7 mln.

38.4% or AZN 1.9 bln was directed to financing of social expenses, up 11.9% or AZN 199.0 mln.

The expenditures allocated to agriculture rose 22.0%, health expenses – 21.2%, transport and communication expenses – 15.2%, social protection and social maintenance – 10.2%, education expenses – 9.9%.