Zelensky: Russia can't be allowed to circumvent sanctions

Zelensky: Russia can
# 23 April 2023 06:04 (UTC +04:00)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky underlined in his video address to the Ukrainian people that more effort needs to be put in to "remove any opportunity for Russia to circumvent sanctions," as failing to do so only prolongs the war and "adds opportunities for the aggressor," APA reports citing Teletrader.

Zelensky went on to say that on April 22, three new sanction decisions entered into force and are targeting those who are investing in and supporting Moscow's aggression. The head of state explained that 322 companies, encompassing "manufacturers of weapons, components etc.," were added to the list, while more individuals and legal entities that "help circumvent sanctions against Russia" were also sanctioned.

Zelensky further noted that a global initiative against Russia's nuclear industry has been launched. "This industry not only generates funds for the aggressor’s budget but also helps them to make other states dependent," he concluded.