Commemorative event on 16th anniversary of Khojaly genocide held in New-York -PHOTOSESSION

Commemorative event on 16th anniversary of Khojaly genocide held in New-York <font color=red>-PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 25 February 2008 11:43 (UTC +04:00)
The event began with a minute-silence. Then Tomris Azeri, President of Azerbaijani Society of America addressing the meeting spoke about the savageries of Armenians committed in Khojaly. She noted that there were 106 women, 63 children and 70 old people among the 613 innocent people who were killed at the night of February 25 to 26 in 1992. Tomris Azeri noted that, giving information about the realities of Khojali to American Society, members of government and Congress is very important. She stated that, they intend to bring the children who were survived Khojaly genocide to the US. Azeri stated that, Armenians, who claimed that, so-called “Armenian genocide “was commuted in 1915, often meet Congress members. Yusif Babanli, General Secretary of U.S Azeris Network held broad presentation on Khojaly genocide. He has drawn attention of attendees to chronology of conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, history of Nagorno Karabakh from ancient Albania till present, location of Armenians in this territory after Turkmanchai treaty in the presentation “Ruined city”. Yusif Babanli stated that, Zangazur was given to Armenians and artificial autonomy was established in Nagorno Karabakh, after formation of USSR. Azerin’s clip” Bagishlama meni Vatan” (Do not forgive me Motherland) was shown in the event. Adil Bagirov, executive director of U.S Azeris Network directed the attendees’ attention on the joint activity of Azerbaijani and Turkish Diasporas. He stated that, 50,000 of about 2 million US Armenians are actively engaged in lobbyism. He noted that, Azerbaijani and Turkish Diasporas’ potential gives opportunity to struggle against Armenian Diaspora which works against interests of our countries. He noted the activity of newly-established U.S Azeris Network as an example for it. Bashar Shan, assistant of Turkish consul general in New-York, Kaya Boztepe, President of Federation of Turkish American Associations’ (FTAA), Korcan Yurdacan, head of Turkish Students’ Association, Elchin Afandiyev, representative of State Committee on work with Azerbaijanis living abroad participated in the event where about 150 Azerbaijanis and Turks attended. The feature film was shown in the event. The attendees familiarized with photos on Khojaly genocide which were presented by Heydar Aliyev Foundation. One more commemorate event on Khojaly genocide is intended to be held in front of UN office.

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