US radars to screen Asia, including Russia, says official

US radars to screen Asia, including Russia, says official
# 25 January 2008 09:30 (UTC +04:00)
The U.S. missile defense system has no perspective and the ideas about it were exaggerated already when the decision was made about its building, the Czech news agency CTK quoted Zaoralek, senior opposition Social Democrat, as saying.
However, the planned radar base in Brdy itself has a sense since it might become part of a global security system, Zaoralek said.
He mentioned the disputes about NATO’s original role and its future goals.
The United States has proposed that NATO admit new members and collaborators, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan, and become a global security player, he said.
Under such circumstances, the considered missile defense system would be meaningful, he pointed out.
NATO has lost its old role and has not yet found a new one, he added.
The United States initiated the plan to deploy an anti-missile radar base in the Czech Republic and a missile interceptor base in Poland. Negotiations between the Czech Republic and the United States are still underway.
Russia has expressed strong objections to the U.S. missile defense program in Poland and the Czech Republic.
The Czech center-right government favors the project, while the left opposition, the CSSD and the Communists, and 70 percent of Czech citizens are opposed to the base, according to public opinion polls. /APA/

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