Armenian MPs prevented from equating Kosovo conflict with Nagorno Karabakh during PACE debates

Armenian MPs prevented from equating Kosovo conflict with Nagorno Karabakh during PACE debates
# 22 January 2008 13:45 (UTC +04:00)
The list of the candidates from Turkey, Moldova, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Latvia has been confirmed. Following this, the parliamentarians started debating the report prepared by Lord Russell-Johnston “Developments as regards the future status of Kosovo” (Doc.11472).
Lord Russell-Johnston noted that the solution of the Kosovo status process is a fundamental element for ensuring peace and long-term stability in Europe.
Lord Russell-Johnston notes in his report that the positions of Pristina and Belgrade cannot be reconciled, it creates a long-term frozen conflict in the Balkans and hinders stability in the region and Europe.
According to Lord Russell-Johnston, the settlement of the conflict will not serve as a precedent.
“It is, indeed, a unique situation which I cannot see anywhere else in Europe,” he said.
“I shall repeat my personal view that, in the absence of a mutually accepted solution, independence is the only viable solution,” he said.
Comparing Russia with a bear Lord Russell-Johnston criticized official Moscow’s position on the problem of Kosovo.
“I can not understand why Russia hinders determination of the status of Kosovo, while it supports separatist regimes like South Ossetia and Abkhazia,” he said.
Following this, discussions started. Some European parliamentarians said UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari’s plan is the only viable solution for the region and Europe. Russian parliamentarian Konstantin Kosachev protested against Lord Russell-Johnston’s accusations against official Moscow and regarded his comparison as disrespect.
Armenian Parliamentarian addressing the participants tried to compare Nagorno Karabakh conflict with Kosovo and wanted to found similarities. Swiss parliamentarian Dick Marty stated that Kosovo will be precedent. Ganira Pashayeva, member of Azerbaijani delegation to PACE noted that this conflict continuing in Europe for a long time will be solved recently and stated that she is anxious about several countries’ trying to use Kosovo for their interests. She noted that Armenian officials and Armenian counterparts’ reports on regulation of Kosovo conflict can be precedent for the regulations of conflicts in CIS countries are very regretful.
“Such opinions cause damage to the peaceful negotiations continuing between Azerbaijan and Armenia. I want to tell Armenian counterparts and members of assembly that, there is not similarity between Kosovo conflicts with conflicts in CIS region. They are very different in their history, reasons and root. Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, European Union, UNO officials and OSCE MG co-chairs announced it several times. New President of PACE Lluis Maria de Puig stated the same opinion in the press conference yesterday,” she said. Ms. Pashayeva noted that Nagorno Karabakh conflict occurred due to Armenians’ occupying 20 % of Azerbaijani territories. She stressed that, 7 Azerbaijani regions, as well as Nagorno Karabakh is under control of Armenia. She noted that Armenia pursued ethnic cleansing policy in occupied regions and that there is not even one Azerbaijani there.
These issues are clearly shown in resolution 1416 along with UN resolutions. I can enumerate some facts, but I think these are enough to show to my Armenian counterparts that Kosovo and Nagorno Karabakh are different conflicts. Nagorno Karabakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia conflicts which are lasing for years impede establishment of stability and security in South Caucasus. The solution of the conflicts is necessary for each of us. To our regret, Armenia does not fulfill UN and PACE resolutions on the solution of the conflict, does not withdraw occupied Azerbaijani territories. Armenian representatives make such statements which serve to straining situation. We ask leadership of Council of Europe and Parliamentary Assembly to comment strictly against several countries’ delegations’ using debates on the settlement of Kosovo conflict for their political interests. Though 20% of the regions are under occupation, Azerbaijan prefers process of negotiations, peace talks. Such statements of Armenian political figures against such good will should worry international organizations, including Council of Europe which recommends peaceful solution to the conflicts,” she said.
The other Azerbaijani representative to PACE Gultakin Hajiyeva called to be careful in the discussions on the further status of Kosovo. MP noting that it is possible to look for parallels among existing conflicts stressed that each conflict is unique for its nature and origin.
Ms. Hajiyeva called on Armenian parliamentarians to refrain from searching similarities between Kosovo and Nagorno Karabakh conflict.
The discussions continue. /APA/
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