Ali Aliyev: “If someone has evidences about the facts that could damage state and nation, let him appeal to official instances” – INTERVIEW

Ali Aliyev: “If someone has evidences about the facts that could damage state and nation, let him appeal to official instances” – <font color=red>INTERVIEW </font>
# 28 January 2010 12:07 (UTC +04:00)
-They say in the discussions for the determination of the opposition’s boundaries inside the Azadlig bloc, you told chairman of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party Ali Karimli to determine his position within a week. Is it true?

-Our internal discussions are usually not covered in media. The bloc began discussion on the format of participation in the elections on January 23. The issue presented as divergence should be regarded as normal difference of views. Every party has its own approach. After the discussions begin, the positions are coordinated. We approach this issue seriously. Therefore, the recent meeting of the Board of Chairmen lasted for four hours. We listened to the arguments and delayed the discussions on assessing the arguments till the next meeting. There are arguments and counterarguments where there are discussions. We are sure that a coordinated result will be achieved.

-Has Azerbaijan Popular Front Party argued its position?

-As I have noted, before the discussions, each party in the bloc had its own approach to the process. But these are not irreconcilable arguments and views. I think, the discussions will bring the positions closer. Ali Karimli argued his position at the meeting. Now it is timeout so that the parties can assess the arguments of the sides. The discussion will continue at the next meeting of the Board of Chairmen.

-There is probability that Azerbaijan Popular Front Party and Musavat will participate in the parliamentary elections together and this is shown as the cause of the discontent inside the bloc…

-This bloc has justified itself in some stages. I am sure that Azadlig bloc will participate in the parliamentary elections as a whole. The bloc’s participation in the parliamentary elections in the strengthened form is on the agenda. The discussions are about these goals. We do not discuss ineffective issues.

-Do you think the establishment of the bloc of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party and Musavat is ineffective?

-No one can doubt that Azadlig bloc struggled principally in Azerbaijan within the past four years. This is an inimitable unity. Will it be good if this unit is strengthened with other parties, or if one of the parties in this unity establishes a bloc with another party? The issue should be approached rationally. Every party has its support in the society. Can a unity established at the background of the collapse of a bloc give a positive message to the society? We consider that consolidation can be more effective.

- You said that you were against AXCP union with Musavat and leaving the parties which supported it in hard time…

- We held private discussions between three and there is no such experience that our private conversation becomes available for others. It was spread by the forces who try to create image of tensions within the bloc. There was no such question. We are only discussing the union of opposition and there are no other versions. Membership of Azadlig bloc is not on agenda.

- Musavat leadership declared that it could work only with AXCP, but not with whole Azadlig bloc. They don’t recognize Citizen and Development Party and Liberal Party. How do you value this proposal?

- We started to discuss more useful issues. If someone does something during the discussions, it seems very insignificant against the background of national interests. I believe that this party also holds serious discussions about the unity of opposition.

- But Musavat Party thinks differently. Arif Hajili has also said today that they could work only with AXCP…

- Let Arif Hajili think so. Everyone has a right to think. We think differently and after finalizing the discussions we will publicize our relations with Musavat, Democratic, Umid and other political organizations. We respect our allies and appreciate their arguments.

- How do you value Musavat’s proposal?

- It is completely normal. Musavat Party can consider that its political success has different formula. It is not politically ethic to analyze their views.

- Executive Chairman of the Liberal Party, which is in Azadlig bloc, Avaz Temirkhan accused Musavat Party in cooperation with the government. What do you think about this accusation?

-I am against the mutual accusations. I think we must stand above small issues. The opposition should put an end to leadership claims and tactic of dirty methods to beat potential rivals. If someone has evidences about the facts that could damage state and nation, let him appeal to official instances. Defamation is a tradition of bolshevism and fascism.