Ali Karimli: “No one of conceited parties could reach serious achievement on the way of democratization of the country” – INTERVIEW

Ali Karimli: “No one of conceited parties could reach serious achievement on the way of democratization of the country” – <font color=red>INTERVIEW </font>
# 27 January 2010 14:42 (UTC +04:00)
“…I include our party in this list too”

Baku. Elnur Mammadli – APA. Chairman of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (AXCP) Ali Karimli’s interview to APA

-Do AXCP and Azadlig bloc begin preparations for upcoming parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan?

At first we have to determine format of our participation in the elections. I think we must establish coalition of oppositionist parties as large as possible. It will increase resources of opposition and interest of Azerbaijani society to the elections. We are conducting discussions on this issue now inside both party and bloc. There are no serious discords, but we have to concretize what principles will guide us and who will be strategic partner of Azadlig bloc. I hope the discussions will be finalized in a month or two.

-Do you think to run for parliamentary elections?

It is early to make final decision. I think participation in the elections is important and it is possible to make certain steps towards democracy and to mobilize population in the parliamentary elections in 2010. It is possible to restore the hopes of people. Therefore I will include participation in the election in my plans.

-What did cause serious discords in the discussions over the determination of real opposition inside the Azadlig bloc?

The bloc is conducting normal discussions and there are no strong contradictions inside the bloc, but there are some different approaches. It needs to hold joint discussion to find consensus and to use arguments for making colleagues and partners sure. Azadlig bloc is working to elaborate the most correct version for opposition and Azerbaijan in whole.

-Your assistant Nuraddin Mammadli said AXCP had already determined its position on real opposition…

We don’t intend to name parties and to make such announcements. The election bloc we establish soon will announce our position.

-How is attitude of three Azadlig parties to the notion of real opposition?

There is no serious difference. The difference could exist in the relations between the parties, but they have same opinion about the real opposition and relations with the government.

-You propose Azadlig bloc and Musavat Party to join elections together, but Musavat said it could work only with AXCP. How do you assess it?

First of all, I don’t see such concrete statement by Musavat. There were such discussions, but it happened during forming of opposition cooperation center. We have to establish more effective, principal and expedient union of the opposition. I am interested in the results of our work. One of the expedient versions is cooperation of Azadlig and Musavat in the parliamentary elections. It would be within the interest of opposition and all democratic forces.

-What do you think will the strong accusations of Liberal Party of Azadlig against Musavat have a negative effect on the relations?

Unfortunately disputes between the parties are experienced in all multi-party system countries. But it is clear that despite discords and disputes three large parties of Azerbaijan could unite in Azadlig bloc in 2005. Despite that the union has no legal status, but is was the union of opposition before the eyes of country’s and world communities. We have to find common interests of the opposition parties to unite them. The common interest of Liberal party, Musavat and AXCP is democratization of the country.

-Can you stop confrontations?

I consider that there is a question not about the stopping confrontation, but domination of struggling willingness over the intrigues. Confrontation between the parties is tackling the democratization. No one of conceited parties could reach serious achievement on the way of democratization of the country and couldn’t achieve people’s joining the democratization process. I think that all opposition functionaries, ordinary party members and leaders should unite their efforts not to lose a chance created in 2010.

-Union for Democracy met with Azadlig leadership and made some proposals. Ho do you evaluate these proposals?

We decided not to make public announcement. Consultations between the parties are normal in the election year. We are happy that for that. We are discussing the issues raised at the meeting.

-How do you value Musavat leader Isa Gambar’s accusations against some opposition parties in spying for Russia and Iran?

It needs to discuss this issue with Isa bey and let him to make more concrete statements. But I am interested now not in the points creating additional confrontations, but in the uniting points.

-Are these accusations true?

I am not the minister of national security.