Rasul Guliyev comments on changes in his party’s leadership – INTERVIEW

Rasul Guliyev comments on changes in his party’s leadership – <font color=red> INTERVIEW </font>
# 23 September 2009 16:01 (UTC +04:00)
-New chairman of the Open Society Party was elected at the recent meeting of the party Supreme Assembly. What are your expectations from the new chairman’s activity?

-I cannot say a concrete word now. Anyway I hope the party will become more active.

-Will there be reforms in the party?

-Reforms never end.

-A number of other changes were made in the party’s leadership. What made these changes necessary? Weren’t you satisfied with the activity of the former leadership?

-I am not satisfied even with my activity.

-They say you initiated to dismiss Zamina Dunyamaliyeva from the party. Is it true? What caused this?

-I respect Zamina Dunyamaliyeva much. I think she wanted it, too. My contacts with Zamina Dunyamaliyeva will continue. I do not like to interfere with the work of the party. I would not like to interfere with the problem concerning Zamina Dunyamaliyeva.

-Zamina Dunyamaliyeva demanded to close the party. How do you assess her proposal?

-The party passes the decision.

-The party decided not to participate in the local elections. What can you say about it?

-I cannot say anything.

-Will the party defend the candidates of the New Azerbaijan Party again?

-I do not know.

-Will the party cooperate with the authorities or opposition parties in the following stage?

-We will cooperate with those who indeed work for the future of Azerbaijan and have real potential.