5,000-year-old kurgan mounds unveiled in Azerbaijan's Yardimli - PHOTO

5,000-year-old kurgan mounds unveiled in Azerbaijan
# 03 September 2019 12:53 (UTC +04:00)

Archeological excavations are carried out in Kurakchi village of Yardimli district of Azerbaijan, APA’s south bureau reports.

Research of kurgan mounds has been started in recent years. Hundreds of mound monuments exist in Komani, Saribulag, Shahnishin summer pastures. More than 5 kurgan monuments are already researched in the area. These kurgan mounds of semi-nomadic cattle-breeder tribes represent different stages of history beginning from the Early Bronze Age.

The next kurgan mound which belongs to the Early Bronze Age is excavated at the area, named Komani summer pasture at the 2100 meter of altitude. Mound is average-sized, depth is approximately 2 meters. A man is buried to the direction of south-west in semi-bent position at the mounds which belongs to the Kur-Araz culture that has 5000 years of history. Generally various burial traditions are observed in the researched different sized mounds. Things that put around buried people are different. For example, animal body found in the last researched mound is related to the belief of afterlife.